GameBlurb: "Dragon Age: Witch Hunt" DLC Review

I always hoped that someday BioWare would go back and revisit Morrigan and we’d be able to find out what had happened to her and with no sign of anyone from Dragon Age: Origins, Awakening or Dragon Age II, I started to worry. Luckily, BioWare decided to go back in DLC form to finally let me find whatever happened to my character’s beloved Morrigan. Does this finally end my desires to know what happened to her?

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MicrocutsX22903d ago

It's such a god damn shame. I really wished they took more time with this DLC.

liquidxtension2903d ago

Dragon was I was gonna pass ths anyway.

Kiroe2903d ago

Wow! $7 for a one hour dlc? No thanks, I'll wait for Dragon Age 2 for my fix.