Halo Reach Legendary Edition Unboxed

Admit it, even if you are not a Halo fanboy you can’t fail to be excited to see what the fuss is all about when Reach hits stores in a couple of days. For those who you who have ordered the Legendary edition and want to see what you can look forward to, then jump over to to see it being unboxed.

Here at Platform Nation we want to know which version you are planning on picking up or whether this unboxing has tempted you to pick up the legendary version.

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Bloodyghost2903d ago


A link to a link to a video.

How boring he seems to be from opening that. I would be W00Ting and jumping around only to try to get the game out of the box and throw everything else away.

outrageous2903d ago

Here's bungie unboxing Halo reach bundles...ENJOY.

Jaces2903d ago

I think I'm more excited to get the art piece than the game, lol!

Cannot wait to unbox my own!

poopnscoop2903d ago

I liked this video a lot more before you stole it from Kotaku, didn't bother to embed it on N4G and then just linked to a different site.

markwithers2903d ago

i actually reported this before Kotaku. I linked to the original site to give them the credit. If anything Kotaku stole from Platform Nation.

DeleteThisxx2903d ago

I've been trying to decide whether or not I should get the Legendary Edition after I got screwed with the Halo 3 Legendary (Not that I wasn't happy with it wasn't as limited as you would think).

I collect statues for numerous games and the way he was handling that just didn't seem like it was an actual statue, holding it with one hand from the top...I don't know, a statue of that size should be heavy and delicate enough to make someone want to use two hands....

Does anyone know what material this "statue" is made of?

GuruStarr782903d ago

Looks like plastic to me, but I read somewhere that it weighs 10 lbs....if thats the case, it might be resin.....I've been wondering this as well.....Because if it's just a few plastic figurines superglued onto a platform, well, that will be kinda dumb....

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The story is too old to be commented.