Analysts: PS3 price drop to put Sony's console over Xbox 360 sales for the first time

It's been a trying first year for the PlayStation 3, with Sony's console being routinely bested on the industry tracking NPD Group's US monthly retail sales charts by the Wii, the Xbox 360, and on particularly rough months, the Game Boy Advance. Things improved a bit with the July announcement of a price drop for the 60GB PS3 (and the subsequent news that the drop was effectively temporary) quickly doubled sales of the console, according to Sony.

Now a pair of analysts is predicting that when the NPD Group releases its July sales figures next Thursday, they'll show that Sony's console outsold the Xbox 360 for the first time since its release last November. Wedbush Morgan Securities' Michael Pachter and the SimExchange's Jesse Divnich have released their expectations for July sales, and they've pegged PS3 sales at 160,000 and 165,000, respectively. (Divnich's hardware numbers were derived from the fluctuations of the SimExchange's own user-driven prediction market.)

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MK_Red4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

Someone should tell those analysts "Duh...".

EDIT: Or not. (for disagree)

cookiemonster4014d ago

They're not telling you this information. They're telling investors, journalists, creditors, and suppliers about this information.

Business people don't have 12 hrs a day to sit in of gaming websites and wait for information to come into their lives.

kevoncox4014d ago

That sony has yet to sell to their userbase. Ms has already sold to half of their userbase from last gen. Sony's console isn't selling that well.

DJ4014d ago

Microsoft abandoned their userbase in Summer 2005 while Sony continues to fully support their userbase to this day. There hasn't been much reason to cross over to the PS3 since the PS2 has so many amazing titles. Now that the stream of heavy hitters for the PS2 platform have finally leveled off after 7 years, we're starting to see a steady migration over to the PS3.

KingJames19064014d ago

I could swear I saw a N4G post commenting on some Sony executive that stated the "Price Drop" (Sony finally honored their 2 SKU approach in North America) yielded results of 150% stronger sales in the major stores. Yet these analyst state 160,000-165,000. I expect at least 200,000 for the month of July from NPD being that June NPD reported 99,000 units sold in North America. 150% of 99,000 are 247,500 units. Now I didn't expect all stores to report 150% sales increases of the PS3 but come on. You all are getting excited over 165,000 units. Most analyst agree console companies should be selling at least 200,000 units in North America a month to be respectable, but this gloating over 165,000 (I'm using high side here) is ridiculous. The numbers come out next week Thursday so I'll be interested to see what how accurate these people are from ACTUAL SALES NUMBERS. But the part I love most is the spin from company executives (Microsoft included) when they do/don't meet that magical 200,000 mark.

WilliamRLBaker4014d ago

would mean consistant, When in actuality the "stream" stopped after 5 and a half to 6 years, the Heavy hitters was spotty after that, Sony is deluding them selves into beleiveing they actually have 10 year life cycles.

As for the topic at hand....yes DUH the ps3 will outsell the 360 for the month of july, But I bet the Wii will still have been outselling it, and Auguest numbers will show that 360 quickly takes back the sales rank.

The Price drop was simply a desperate decision to bolster User base so that more companies didn't go multiplatform, or drop games all together when it came to Ps3, And thats a fact, which is why they phased out the 60 gig, and lowered its price so agreesively.

The 80 gig is out now, and More then likely learning from their mistake they will release the 40 gig, so as better to deal with 360 user base numbers based upon a matcing product.

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Xbox 360 Will4014d ago

months of PS3 beating 360. We'll maybe give them August because of the price drop and September because of Halo not by much though. But Starting in October through the holiday season expect PS3 to be on top!

Lex Luthor4014d ago

I'll copy what you've written and hold you to your word.

Xbox 360 Will4014d ago

Take a picture, copy paste, get a screen grab! Its going to happen!

pshizle4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

i see xbox winning every month now through Feb of 2008 vs the PS3

let me see from now to Feb08

Mass Effect
Too Human
HL Orange Box
Rock Band

then you got all those sports, movie, kids games

and most of them will be bought for the xbox360

by the way most of Sonys exclusives are NON proven franchises

Lair was suppose to be a Killer ap but what happened...

right now its a 6.4 from gamestats and 73 from gamerankings

EDIT: Sony fanboys = BUY 360 NOW BEFORE THEY ARE SOLD OUT THIS HOLIDAY SEASON YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO PLAY halo3 masseffect and bioshock ...and ummm good old madden in 60fps UUUUUUUU YOU KNOW YOU WANT ONE =0

if you disagree with me then prove me wrong!

Gizmo_Logix4014d ago


Why did you list 7 360 games that will also be on the PS3 during a time that ports are look same or better on the PS3 than the 360?

And for every 360 list you can show. PS3 fans can do the same. And I don't think your advertising is going doing much for your cause. PS fans are waiting for PS games. It's that simple.

P.S. bioshock is on the PC. So, no need to buy a 360freezbox.

Kaneda4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

you know that

COD4 (yes, it runs 60fps on PS3)
GTA (not DLC, not for 360 Core)
Rock band
HL orangebox

on PS3 too, right?

pilotpistolpete4014d ago

Good point in your edit.

We should get a 360 before christmas, before ms attempts to get new heat sink sin. They'll be a collector's item, so don't take it out of the box though. In about 5 years only those in mint condition, who've never been plugged in will still work. Then sell em on ebay. "first gen 360, no red lights, 8,000$". ;)

Russbomb4014d ago

I will prove you wrong PShizle

MAss Effect Bioshock Halo 3, all going to PC, sooner or later.
So if I want to get those games I can just get a laptop. And sonys fanbase is starting to see some lower prices for consoles, down to 450 for a 20 gb from gstop new! and some good exclusives this holiday season.

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drtysouf214014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

August should be interesting to see if the 360 price drop has as big of an effect and if the PS3 momentum is still going. The next few months will be really interesting to watch.

@POG I ignored you along time ago so no point in replying to my comments i can't see what your saying. Have a nice day! :-)

MK_Red4014d ago

Well spoken, bubbles for you. PS3 momentum VS 360 price-cut

The following months would be even more interesting with BioShock, Halo3, UT3, Haze, Lair, Assassins Creed and other heavy hitters coming.

power of Green 4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

$100 price clearance going back up to the price no one bought PS3 at vs the small $50 price cut and super titles(Mass Effect, BioShock, Halo 3).

The next few months will be really interesting to watch indeed .

#4 Thats something Sony would be more worried about yet they're price managing in reverse.

Xbox 360 Will4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

Clearance Sale VS World Wide Product Failure Recall
I'd choose the Clearance option!
And shouldn't your avatar have some red in it!

PS. Sony will drop the 80GB to $499 when the 60GB is sold out. Or maybe even $449 for the holidays! Wait and see!

MK_Red4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

lol all 3 posts have 1 disapproval.

Someone really thinks next few months won't be interesting.

power of Green 4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

After I started ignoring your fanatical anti MS pro Sony newS posts i now longer see the BS you post.

No biggy:)(-_-).


#3.4 Thats Three posts that have one dissagree but theres Four postS one having Four dissagree's as if- how this holliday season is intresting to you guys is more valid than what makes it intresting to me. you and dirty can take you're sheeps in wolfs clothing asses and *******.


I think i'll take my happy ass down to #5 and agree with him.

tonsoffun4014d ago

"3.5 - Thats alright I miss replying to your dribble and nonsense.
After I started ignoring your fanatical anti MS pro Sony newS posts i now longer see the BS you post.

No biggy:)(-_-). "

ZING!!!!! Bubbles for POG.

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Anything but Cute4014d ago

Another PS3 price drop will put Sony's console over XBOX 360 sales "for good".

KingME4013d ago

I wonder where they stand right now in amazon best sellers. Let me go check, please follow along.

Covenant4014d ago

But once the "clearance sale" is over, and it's back to $599 (albeit with some extras), and MS's fall lineup kicks in, then I think the 360 will have little trouble reclaiming...second place. Sorry, but the Wii shows no sign of slowing down.

But I do think that all three consoles will have strong Christmases. This may end up being the biggest Christmas ever for game sales.

KingME4013d ago

Sony will continue to sell the 60 model, it's their cash cow. I would be a nickel to a dollar that the 60 gig model is still in production and somehow will never seem to deplete it's stock.

I think the limited time story was a typical Sony lie to put the consumer market in a "buy now" mindset. Once this is found to be true there is gonna be a lot of pissed off people.

From as long as I can remember, Sony has played it customers as fools, including myself.