What PSUni wants from The Last Guardian at TGS

Joe Garcia writes: While Sony have a rather large library of games for us to look forward to over the next year, arguably the most anticipated is Team Ico’s The Last Guardian. Due in large part because of the sheer brilliance of their previous games (Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, for the tragically sheltered), gamers everywhere eagerly await even the tiniest shred of information regarding the mysterious title.

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Acquiesce2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

I want to know for sure when I can get my mitts on it.

UnwanteDreamz2900d ago

That and another gamplay trailer would make my day. In the very least I need fresh screens.

danmachine2900d ago

being released on the same day as TGS would render me a last gaurdian demo playing robot until the game comes out.

not gonna happen though, they might not bring out a demo at all .


Bathyj2900d ago

Screw that, I want gameplay footage. In fact if that did show that, I wouldnt care if Sony showed no other games the whole show.

A demo? Well a demo would be Chrismas on a stick.

Nate-Dog2900d ago

I'd be happy with a trailer of any sorts personally. Chances are that if the ICO - SOTC collection is being worked on that that may be slowing down progress slightly because Sony will want to release all 3 games together (like with GoW).

Focker-4202900d ago

I hope they do a trilogy disc, so we can get all three games on one disc.

DigitalRaptor2899d ago

Not gonna happen.

The best you can hope for is a Team Ico PS2 Collection!

ActionBastard2900d ago

I am happy. Just knowing we'll get to see more makes me happy.

Leafhopper2900d ago

I would like game play but just knowing its around is enough for me.

Erotic Sheep2900d ago

Here's what Erotic Sheep wants from The Last Guardian at TGS:

Confirmation that the big fluffy bird DOES NOT die. I swear I will set my house on fire if that happens >.<

Focker-4202900d ago

Its probably going to happen, everyone knows it. But the boy could end up being the one that dies. It can go either way.

Lombax2900d ago

Why does everyone think that one of the main characters will die in TLG?

Who died in ICO? The evil queen! Who died in SotC?? The dudes GF was brought back to life! That's like the OPPOSITE of death!!

Persistantthug2900d ago

From what we've all been told, You have to groom and nurture this pet so that it will do what you need him to do....

So through gaming history, we know it's an easy way to get an emotional response from have your pet die.

I'd be very surprised if this did not happen.

thief2900d ago

Where can I sign up? I still cry when I think of the ending to last guardian, and I havent even played the game :)

Lombax2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

The ending to ICO was a happy one.

And, if anything, the ending to SotC was neutral.

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