Producer of Street Fighter reveals too much on Super Street Fighter IV DLC?

Post reads: "Yoshinori Ono, the producer of Street Fighter, has been showing fans what they can expect to see with Super Street Fighter IV DLC. He seems to be happy and eager to answer his fans' questions, but he may be revealing more than the company wants him to."

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UnwanteDreamz2895d ago

Why did he reveal that it is all already on the disc?

UnwanteDreamz2894d ago

ok ok ok so let me be clear

My comment was a joke.

ABizzel12895d ago

This is so stupid. Why is Capcom being so secretive about freaking costumes.

The dumbest thing to do is hide DLC, if people know about the DLC then they may not trade your game in since they'll be anticipating the DLC if they liked the game.

Oh and @ Redempteur

Capcom has been notorious about already having, what they claim to be DLC, on the disc. All they do is make you pay to unlock it off the disc.

Baka-akaB2895d ago

it would have been found out already . It is far more likely that they'll add the new costume data rolled into a patch when the times comes

Redempteur2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

ok ok ok so let me be clear ...
these things will mostlikely come with an update because they worked on them after the release ..simple as that .. if thoses were on disc , they would have already been discovered like the numerous times dlc in fighting game have been done before ..

case in point , the dlc of soul calibur , the dlc of blazblue CS( not on disc) ..the several pieces of hawk and deejay in the street fighter 4 BEFORE they worked on SUPER STREET ..

If thoses were on disc , we would know about it , and there wouldn't be any need for the producer to show what they're working on ATM ...

Yes i'm aware of RE5 dlc fiasco and yes i'm aware of the numerous attempt of Just selling unlock keys ..
but i seriously doubt this is the case here ..

Mkai282895d ago

How about some more characters like Urine or Rolento? no moe outfits. On the disc, ha!

kagon012894d ago


I wanted Karin from the very beginning, but that will never happen...

Lf_sIcKmAn2895d ago

They singlehandedly revived the Fighting game genre that was pretty much dead... now we have great fighting games coming from every corner... CANT WAIT FOR MORTAL KOMBAT!

I tip my hat to capcom for reviving the genre that i love so much... :D