Edge: Child of Eden Preview

Child Of Eden, the latest project from Q-Entertainment, is a sequel to Rez in all but name. Built for a range of consoles, but shown off at E3 in its Kinect form, it represents the latest chapter in Tetsuya Mizuguchi's multi-sensory vision for games.

Beginning his career at Sega as the designer of Sega Rally Championship, Mizuguchi's subsequent experimentation with music, in titles like Space Channel 5, Rez and Lumines, was as surprising as it was welcome. But despite having released a definitive high definition version of Rez on Xbox Live Arcade, the Q-Entertainment founder hasn't yet fully realised his ambitions for what he terms "music interactives".

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Redgehammer2749d ago

I am looking forward to CoE. Rez is a fantastic game, and if CoE improves upon the formula of Rez, and is Kinect enabled that just seems like win to me. I do like the concept of using Kinect with XBLA games.