Too Human demo coming - Expect the full game in 2008

Too Human is coming in 2008. Not 2009, 2010, or "2000-never" as some have speculated. This according to Silicon Knights founder Denis Dyack. Friday, Dyack responded to a negative post on the official Too Human message board stating that Too Human would be out and that a Marketplace demo was forthcoming.

Dyack's post reads:
"Too Human will be out in 2008. A firm date with tons of new info is coming soon. This will be followed up with a playable demo. The demo will speak for itself.

Hang in there."

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FreedomReign4020d ago

Without the Unreal Engine. I think they can build the opus they promised us way back in 2005.

Only time will tell

Hatchetforce4020d ago

Not exactly. Parts of their engine are the U3 engine. We don't know which parts yet but the lawsuit mentions this and part of the suit asks that SK be allowed to keep and freely use those portions of the U3 engine incorporated into the SK engine.

I really want this game to do well. First, the game is one I have followed since the game was supposed to come out on 5 discs for the PS1.

A game that preaches story over action, then preaches the action. I would also like to see a 3rd party game announced as a trilogy actually make it to the 3rd game once in a while.

My only issue is the Denis syndrome. A lot of people are feeling for SK and the situation they are in. I do too. I just can't stand Denis Dyack. Last year before E3 he was acting like an arrogant prick talking about crushing any other game and how no one could compare to them. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

I call it the Denis syndrome because only Denis Doak from Free Radical who seems to have swallowed the same ego pill.

I have Too Human preordered and really hope SK pulls it together.

The Snake4019d ago

I believe that's David Doak from Free Radical you're thinking of, not Denis. And both SK and FR can say anything they want until they put out a bad game, which to my knowledge hasn't happened yet.

ParaDise_LosT4020d ago

The quicker they finish Development on Too Human...
The quicker they can go on into working on an
Eternal Darkness....Sequel....

Good Job Sil K

power of Green 4020d ago

News i needed to hear after dreaming about this game sence before the 360 launched.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4019d ago

They give you a disagree for dreaming of a game.

jcgamer4020d ago

Denis seems pretty confident about it, sounds good...

Clinton5144020d ago

After seeing Bioshock and a bunch of other games utilizing this same game engine. SK has a lot to explain for the Epic "sabotage" fiasco. This game will be watched carefully by the media and for all the wrong reasons because of all of that noise.

ps. I'm not a court of law so I'm not judging whether them suing Epic is right or wrong. The way they went about publicizing it is what they messed up on.

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The story is too old to be commented.