Top Five Kevin Butler Commercials (RunDLC)

Sony’s launched quite a few PlayStation ad campaigns, from “U R Not E” to “Live In Your World, Play In Ours”, but Kevin Butler is by far its greatest marketing asset. This fictional character, played by actor Jerry Lambert, has done an excellent job connecting with audiences and driving home the fact that the PS3 “Only Does Everything”. Not only is the character an everyman, but also hilarious.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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commodore642629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

"candle" is my favourite.

Seinfeld ftw

forcefullpower2629d ago

I actually hadn't seen a couple of those. I needed a good chuckle today.

Buff10442629d ago

Outstanding. Glad I could help make that happen! :)

Wizziokid2629d ago

out of those 5 i would have to say the Uncharted one is my fav

HeroXIV2629d ago

Awaiting the GT5 one now. :D

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The story is too old to be commented.