David Cage: PlayStation Move Needs More Support From Triple-A Titles

By the end of 2010 Sony will have a total of 30 games available for the company’s PlayStation Move peripheral. This list includes Little Big Planet 2, The Fight: Lights Out, Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition only, and Heavy Rain.

Heavy Rain director David Cage, who’s working on a free patch to enable Move support for the title, thinks Sony needs to target more than just the casual market if they want to see long term success with PlayStation Move.

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albel_nox2903d ago

As long as its optional I agree.

GWAVE2903d ago

MORE support for AAA titles? Well, I agree, but there already is a ton of AAA support for it from dozens of hardcore games.

Bigpappy2903d ago

Sony will initially get a good part of the Hardcore to buy the Move. The only issue they have, is that the games that support Move have to play better than the DS3, to keep the Hardcore interested.

The real problem they have with the Move is to get great casual game on it, that would convince Wii owner that there is move fun to be have with the Move over the Wii. M$ has done a great job with making Kinect move accessible than the Wii. Sticking with controller free may not be appealing to some core gamers, but it will do great with casual gamers. This more will surely grown the 360 market. Sony’s approach might make some of you excited that the tech is being use in games you already like. The problem with that is the only way that helps Sony is if 360 owners core owners, who don't already have a PS3, think the Move is big enough of a deal to make them want to pickup a PS3/Move bundle. The only way that would happen, is for the reviewers to unanimously agree that the Move version of the FPS is much better than using the DS3. Many core gamers rely on these reviews. No so with the casual gamers. They go by the novelty of them simply having fun by just jumping right in.

PimpHandHappy2903d ago

it will happen

Socom and Killzone IMO are AAA but time will tell if they work well with these games

im getting a MOVE for the little guy not for me. I'll stick with the controller because i LIKE buttons... oh wait

theonlylolking2903d ago

Killzone 3 will work well with move once they remove the deadzone. I dont know who's idea was it to have it so you need to move your crosshairs to the screen for your guy to turn around because that is a very dumb idea.

Hideo_Kojima2903d ago

try keeping the cursor dead still...

if it didnt have a deadzone the game would be continuesly shaky...

WetN00dle692903d ago

And your game David Cages needs more Episodic content!
Although he is right about the fact that more Triple A titles need to join the Move bandwagon BUT i feel like he isnt the one that should be making such a request seeing as how he left us wanting more of Heavy Rain!

StanSmith2903d ago

In before the fanboys turn on David Cage for slagging Sony.

I kid, I kid,

Move this year is more focused on the family audiences, however i see it being more focused on AAA titles next year. Sony are getting family audiences comfortable with move first so that they can then also pick up games like Dead Space and Killzone 3 and play them as easily as experienced gamers do.

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The story is too old to be commented.