1UP's Stuntman Preview: 360 Edges Out The PS3 Version

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe: The best version award goes to...?

Stuntman: Ignition will be hitting three consoles in the next few weeks, and whether you're a platform purist or you just want the best version available, there are some important differences between the PS2, PS3, and Xbox 360 games that may influence your buying decisions. For one, the PS3 version's release date has been pushed back behind its PS2 and 360 counterparts, possibly for additional optimization, so PS3 owners will have to wait a bit longer to play.

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nomuken3985d ago

Its stuntman, who gives a shat

kevoncox3985d ago

Yup no one cares....when it's the same thing over and over. All multiplat games are better on 360. Stop b*tching and accept it.

Real Gambler3984d ago

Just so they can get the flamboyant title "360 Edges Out The PS3 Version" they took THIS line out of the full review: "If your online reputation and the easy access to downloadable content appeal to you, the 360 version looks to edge out the PS3 version here" (after saying both version are exactly the same! Two meaninfull points and suddendly, the 360 edge the PS3 again : )

Let see, it edges the PS3 because it has achivement points! (They even laugh at this in the article: "They also have high-score leaderboards as well as "accomplishments," which are badges and Taurus Awards that you earn throughout the career mode. On the 360 version, however, these accomplishments translate into achievements that boost your gamerscore. (Hurrah for imaginary points.)"

Second point, they say you can download themes, pics, etc, from the mainscreen of the game while you have to get to the XMB for the PS3 and I forgot some of these may not be available for the PS3... Dang, I won't get the aftershock movie thing? . Wow, what a big deal! Here's the quote: "In the 360 game, there's an option on the main screen to take you to Stuntman's downloadable content page on Marketplace, where you can pick up dashboard themes, gamer pics, vehicle packs, and a playable "director's cut" of the movie-level Aftershock (some of these will be on the PlayStation Network as well).

So it EDGES the PS3 because I cannot download pics from the main screen of the game and I cannot get achievements points. I should go throw myself of the a bridge : ) Sadly now, every 360 games from now on will edge the PS3 because it won't have achievements points... LOL

socomnick3985d ago

Not a big deal, this game sucks anyway.

Robotz Rule3985d ago

I though I was the only one who though this game sucks:)

MK_Red3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

Agree with you but I hear its getting decent reviews (ranging from 7 to 8)

The game has a good concept and I liked the original on PS2 but this game has a rather poor execution and mediocre graphics and since even with such no-so-good graphics the frame-rate is so low and there are so many issues...

i Shank u3984d ago

i loved the original on ps2. just d/l this demo the other day, and its alright, id say a fun rental. the grphx need some work

Anything but Cute3985d ago

The game looks the same XBOX 360 version has a few extra live features. But they didn't say graphics or anything is any different.

sjappie3985d ago

Also it's coming out later than 360 and ps2. Crap game anyway.

Ri0tSquad3984d ago

Its not as fun as it looks.

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The story is too old to be commented.