PopCap ‘Rejected $5m Microsoft Buyout’

PopCap once declined a $5 million acquisition offer by Xbox platform holder Microsoft, an exec at the social game studio has said.

“I don’t think a month goes by where we don’t get enquiries of investment offers in some form or another,” PopCap creative director Jason Kapalka tells Develop.

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KiasuKiasiMan2783d ago

Only $5 million?

Popcap made more than that from simply selling Plants vs Zombies on iOS.

Baka-akaB2783d ago

popcap sells probably more than all of XBLA combined with its zuma , bejeweld games

Triella2783d ago

And with it's BookWorm and Peggle

lelo2play2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

I bet that most commentators on this article did not even read the article.

The $5 million offer was in 2002. Plants vs Zombies did not exist at that time. So $5 million was probably a good offer at the time but they refused it. PopCap are much more valuable now. If Microsoft had bought them in 2002, they probably wouldn't exist now.

Lot of ignorants in N4G. Read before commenting.

baker_boi2783d ago

Did YOU read the article?

Dude said he was sittin on 4 mil in bank and M$ tried to stiff and offer them 1 million more than they already had.

So they just figured, "Why not say fuck you?"

outrageous2783d ago

The message here is if you think you are good, why sell out and work for someone else. Nobody new these guys would go anywhere in 2002 and for every Popcap, there is 100 devs that died and disappeared.

Someone should send this interview to Media Molecule. I think Media Molecule made a big mistake selling themselves for peanuts to Sony...they will regret that decision for the rest of there lives...they can walk away tomorrow, but Sony owns LBP FOREVER.

sarshelyam2783d ago

...they said they were TOLD (by Microsoft) the company was worth 5mil when they had 4mil in the bank (something that wasn't made known to Microsoft). 4mil in the bank is considered pure profit, not including any outstanding sales or recently shipped projects. To accept an offer on all pending transaction with a savings in the bank when the offer is a mere 1mil more would be asinine! They could have made 1mil on all pending sales or projected ROI...Microsoft was low-balling them and they saw through the ruse.

They knew their value and did the right thing. Microsoft doesn't end well for most!

Argento-Nox2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )


Let's be honest, LBP wouldn't be possible on the 360 b/c it's a closed proprietary system that doesn't allow free user content like LBP. I don't even think Nintendo would have bothered to invest in Media Molecule games on their systems either.

By that reasoning, how exactly is Media Molecules acquistion by Sony a bad thing? I doubt iOS could even do any Media Molecule games, like LBP justice simply due to lack of physical controls.

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PimpHandHappy2783d ago

better bring a MUCH bigger check if you want to stick around for the long run MS. You need 1st parties

mrv3212783d ago

I think Popcap are border line criminals... they are basically selling crack in digital form. My first Popcap was PVZ I downloaded it expecting little, but I woke up an hour later ( demo time out ) half asleep with Credit Card in hand knowing if I buy it I won't sleep all night.

Letros2783d ago

Digital Distribution is doing wonders for Indie devs, it's not wonder PopCap told MS to shove it, way to keep their head held high.

Brklynty12783d ago

Clearly MS doesnt know how to buy studios first you spend over 300 million for rare then try to BS pop cap with 5 million lol wow just wow

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