Brand New High Resolution Enslaved Screenshots

This game is shaping up to be a incredible good game. Now all it has to do is live up to all the hype..

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2783d ago
kevco332783d ago

Still in two minds about this one, to be honest...

*here comes the hate*

raztad2783d ago

I dont know why, but I just cant get excited about this game. I dont feel it. Lets see some reviews.

SQWERCH2783d ago

is because the combat system looks too repetitive.

gtamike2783d ago

Well it's not Uncharted 1 or 2 graphics.
A rent to be safe guys, it's only a multi platform game.

maniacmayhem2783d ago

Graphics make a game good?

Shame on you for that.

EvilBlackCat2783d ago

So... that is what gaming is to you


The reason why you play video games


The reason why you got into video games


The reason why you spend $600-$400-$300 for a console


The reason why you own boring games with lame story and gameplay


bobcostus2783d ago

Typical fanboy comment. "It's not exclusive to my platform, so it sucks by default."

It's no wonder you only have 1 bubble.

Ju2783d ago

BS. After Heavenly Sword set the first standards for mocap in games, this is a pretty far step back. Animation system might be good - maybe even better, but the rest is just a step down from HS. Disappointing, IMO. Not a surprise, though. They scrapped their own R&D and went with a plain UE3 base...shame.

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BannedForNineYears2783d ago

dAh grawfeckz dun l00k leikz unchartedz tooooo.
diz gaem falez.

SpaceSquirrel2783d ago

Enslaved looks like it will be a sleeper hit

Sneak-Out2783d ago

looks awesome, can´t wait

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The story is too old to be commented.