The PC market is dead? Rubbish.

The taut cadaver of the PC market lies breathless; the rigor mortis of console's dominance and rampant piracy gnawing at its once beautiful tissue.

Clad in black, fans dab their veil-smocked eyes with mouse'n'keyboard memorabilia handkerchiefs - as the last rites for the home computer are read out. Probably by some turncoat like Bill Gates.

Only, that's not quite true, is it. The heart of PC gaming still beats - louder than in recent memory, too.

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Projekt7tuning2813d ago

CVG has been a bunch of crap lately begging for hits. I feel bad I've clicked there link. There has been no real substance to any of their stories lately. All Flame Fodder.
I'm actually retiring my q6700 OCed @3.5 with 2 8800gtx's to my wife this month to build a new system. So suck it CVG.

hiredhelp2813d ago

ive just passed over my pc to my partner too. to build my i7 with haf x and 1366 build off.
pc gaming dead. NO if it was we wouldnt had the multiplatform titles now hitting the pc market.
and parts wouldnt be soo expensive.

MiamiACR2813d ago

The Internet is dead, The wildlife is dead, PC gaming is dead, Your mother is dead etc etc.. Overused and unnecessary, not to mention not true.

cliffbo2813d ago

no its true i attended the funeral myself 5 yrs

comp_ali2813d ago

why the link goes to CVG main page
here is the original link

Apotheosize2813d ago

Maybe at brick and mortar stores, digital distribution(Steam) is far from dead

captain-obvious2813d ago

yah the problem is I don’t like to download those games
it would take weeks to download a game to me

let alone I always re-image or re format my computer

so yah I like me hard copy better that downloading the game

-Alpha2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

If the PC market is dead due to piracy, where does that leave the PSP, PS3-247?

The PC market is dead only to the internet that seems so fixated on two things:

Xbox 360 and PS3.

Yet, the Wii, DS, PSP, and PC are all very active systems that enjoy their share of AAA titles and exclusives. These systems are dead in the war that focuses so much around PS3 and 360, which, may I remind you, is fought vigilantly on the internet, the place that does not represent the actuality of the market.

In terms of games, sales, etc. they all are quite active and enjoy a strong fanbase of gamers.

The PC market/gaming isn't dead, though I do find it ignored, especially on such sites as this where I spend my time.

Slinkey2813d ago

Well said alpha! pc gaming does get the short of the stick sometimes but that might just be because there is no controlling company or figurehead that produces pc's unlike the ps3 and 360 whom have micrsoft and sony to back them up while pc is independent of ownership.

BlackBusterCritic2813d ago

(these btw, are games sold at standard retail price upon release)

Release a game at retail, and only make around $8 per game sold.
Release a game via Steam, Impulse, etc and make around $30 per game sold.

Not to mention that the used game market robs devs of their money. So lets not talk about piracy, especially when the Xbox360, PSP, DS, and Wii are just as susceptible to piracy.

cliffbo2813d ago

the second hand game market does not rob the devs as they were paid for their work when they first sold their game.

the only people being robbed are the consumers when they trade their games in.

NYC_Gamer2813d ago

the PC market is far from dead....look at how good small dev titles are selling

theroadtoruin2813d ago

it isn't dead yet, but its slowly dying. less and less games are being made and even fewer ports, which usually are broken.

BlackBusterCritic2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Guess that means that console gaming is getting ready to kick the bucket. PC has had MORE exclusives that were GOOD in the last 2 years, than the PS3 or Xbox360 have had since their LAUNCH.

theroadtoruin2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

like what? everyone has opinions, you favorite game might be someones most hated. what defines a "GOOD" game for you? a rating? and this is about the PC gaming market not PC gaming in general, of course there will MMO's out there if anything. i game on the PC as well as consoles and the PC just doesn't deliver like it used to.

BlackBusterCritic2813d ago

So what you were saying, was that the PC gaming market WAS SLOWLY DYING. And you gave a statement as to why you believed so, "less and less games are being made and even fewer ports, which usually are broken." So by your logic, the console gaming market is in a worse state because they have far less games being released yearly than the PC; and not only that, but the consoles have the worst ports! You dont give off the impression that you know much about PC gaming, or even the market. PC gaming market reached 10.7 billion dollars in 2007, and that was an INCREASE over the previous years, and its continuing to prosper. But you think that's "Slowly dying", right? ^_^ Why do you think Microsoft is trying to get over the fence and back into the PC gaming pool? ^_^ Because they can't ignore how profitable PC gaming market has become.
In short, if you're going to give a reason why "PC gaming is dying", make it a good reason that doesn't reveal a lack of knowledge on your part.

theroadtoruin2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

that 2007 increase is no surprise when you have cash cows like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Crysis in that year. tons of games are or have been getting canceled like Alan Wake and PC games are going to consoles like Witcher 2 (and supposedly the first one). you got games like Assassin's Creed 2 that are absolute garbage on the PC due to extra security measures against pirating (yes i know its rampant on consoles too but its far easier to do on a PC), not even your precious steam is safe from them. fact is we are just seeing a glimpse of whats to come in the future with PC gaming, PC's are just far to open and Sony proved that by removing 'Other OS'. there probably is more games that come out on PC than consoles if you count all the freeware garbage. to add to it we are starting to see services like OnLive than can play maxed out PC games that would take a PC costing over $1,000 to do for barely a fraction of the price. compare up coming releases on PC to console releases on consoles, there is none if you have good taste. have fun with your outplayed FPS's, MMO's and RTS's.

BlackBusterCritic2813d ago

Lmao, it doesn't matter what came out that year, the point was that the PC gaming market blossomed, and like I said before (which you ignored) its increasing each year. Prospering, not dying like you so ignorantly claimed. But hey, if you think an increase of revenue from $10.7 billion(2007) to $13.1 billion(2009) is signs of a dying market, then you need help. XD And are you really being surprised that a good PC game is being ported to consoles? It really doesn't matter, its like taking a cup of water from a LAKE. So Assassins Creed 2 is garbage because DRM requires you to be connected to the internet in order to play? If that's a problem for you, then pay yo damn bills so your internet doesn't get shut off. XD But if it really is a problem, do what I did. Buy the game, and get a crack for it. And yes, there are hoards more games on PC than consoles, and no I was not counting the free-ware, but then again games like Alien Swarm are FREE GAMES released by devs like VALVE. ^_^ Onlive is great, I'm running it on my PC now with a FREE 1 year subscription. You say its going to replace $1000 (LMAO!!) PCs? Onlive is going to affect consoles too. XD And seriously, anyone that CLAIMS to be a PC gamer, but the words "$1000 PC" come out of their mouths reveal themselves to be a poser. =D You can get Crysis to run on High with a $300 PC:
And now you're being hypocritical! You said: "like what? everyone has opinions, you favorite game might be someones most hated. what defines a "GOOD" game for you? a rating?"
And now you say: "compare up coming releases on PC to console releases on consoles, there is none if you have good taste. have fun with your outplayed FPS's, MMO's and RTS's."
LMAO!! You are one funny console fanboy, who seems to fear the PC a great deal.

theroadtoruin2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

nice book, i had to go back to cover everything. had to make one last good one before the last bubble huh? lol

first off you keep telling me all these figures with no links or anything to back it up, so is far as im concerned its here-say. and no im not surprised about Witcher coming to consoles, never said i was, more platforms=more $$$ and thats what its all about, son. i do pay muh internet, but what about the people that don't have internet and the people complaining about having problems with the game because of it. its been slammed everywhere, i shouldn't have to go look up pirated cracks for a game i just purchased legally i should have to install it and play it, thats it. i like how you put worlds in my mouth, i never said OnLive would replace a PC, but i do think it will give people a PC experience thats more convenient for a way lower price and i do agree OnLive could affect console gaming as well. as far as when you said: anyone that CLAIMS to be a PC gamer, but the words "$1000 PC" come out of their mouths reveal themselves to be a poser." goes, try to find a name brand gaming PC for $300 i dare you, of course you can build a cheaper rig yourself, but does everyone have the knowledge to do so? i personally did build my PC for $300 with a Nvidia motherboard and graphics which is a 9500GT 2gig and a AMD Phenom II 3.2 and can only play Crysis on medium, so then someone like me that wants to play on high has to sink even more money into their PC not knowing they could have gotten cheaper better hardware. as for me being "hypocritical" i never said they were better games i said COMPARE them, what i ment there's way more variety on consoles, just like i said have fun playing your FPS,MMOS, and RTS cause that the majority of the games today. i love how you twist my words for your benefit.

im not the fanboy i own all systems and even most classic ones and play each of them all the time, you seem more like the fanboy replying to comments writing a book in defense of the PC, i clearly stated my opinion from what i see and i stand by it, im going off personal experience and don't need numbers to see that somethings not delivering like it once was.

it seems like you fear the experience the console gives you is surpassing PC in all areas besides your oh-so precious graphics, which mean dirt without gameplay. consoles keep getting closer to a PC experience with convenience wile the PC stays the PC.

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