15 Years of the Sony Playstation – 15 Fun Games You Might Have Missed

On September 9th, 1995, Sony’s Playstation was released to a North American audience. At the time, no one really thought Sony could compete with the juggernauts of the day in Sega and Nintendo. After all, Sony had no experience in video game hardware and their software titles included mainly mediocre titles like Bram Stoker’s Dracula or the infamous Make My Video titles with Kriss Kross, INXS, and C&C Music Factory. Fifteen years later however, it appears everyone underestimated what Sony’s little grey system could do. It dominated the 32-bit era and remains a gaming institution. Hell, the vast majority of gamers these days can barely remember a time when Sony WASN’T in the hardware market.

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HeroXIV2868d ago

Good article, looks like I missed all 15 except for "Intellegent Cube" (Kurushi).

iamnsuperman2868d ago

How did you read it all i get is it loads and then a blank screen with a smiley face in the corner

Lucario2868d ago

Are you using Google Chrome? There's a bug in Google Chrome that redirects certain sites (Media Temple server sites to be exact) exactly like how you are describing.

iamnsuperman2868d ago

Yes I am....I didn't know that thanks bubble for you

Akagi2868d ago

Got Clock Tower and Qube.

Cenobia2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Anyone ever play Urban Chaos?

That game was awesome. Basically GTA except your a cop. Also there is a science fiction twist.

I'd love to see that game remade.

Edit: I guess it isn't strictly a PS1 title (also on PC an dreamcast), but it's still awesome.

Lipscomba2868d ago

I loved that game! I didn't get a chance to finish it!:(

2868d ago
Senden2868d ago

Clock Tower was freaking SCAAAARRRYYY.. played it when I was 13 and found it scarier than any movie i'd ever seen.

hot4play2868d ago

I still have fun(?)/disturbing memories of Scissorman :s

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