Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker Review [RPG Site]

Liara returns to help Shepard take down the Shadow Broker in this impressive downloadable content. Does she bring enough to the table to be worth a purchase?

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callahan092899d ago

This has been getting excellent reviews. And I loved the Dragon Age Origins DLC (particularly the first two, Shale is my favorite character!). So, I guess I'll have to pick up this DLC and I might as well get all the rest as well before I start my new character in ME2.

AP2899d ago

There are some AMAZING moments in this DLC. amazing.

borisfett2899d ago

I wasn't sure whether to pick this up or not, due to the slightly steepers price and whether it was justified with quality and quantity, but after reading this, it's definitely a must buy.

coolbeans2899d ago

ME:2 DLC vs. Borderlands DLC, it seems. Both have heavily invested support from the devs :).

deltaforce822899d ago

I hate the idea of paying for content for a game I already spent $50 on, but at least Bioware gives you quality DLC