Dreamcast turns 11 today in North America

On September 9, 1999 one of the most innovative game systems that was truly a gamers machine, the Sega Dreamcast took gamers by storm.

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jinofthesheep2815d ago

this is a joke...right? terrible terrible console

darthv722815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

sheep has never played one. I have many DC games I would love to see remastered on psn/xbla. Propeller arena and alien front online are a must.

DORMIN2815d ago

9/9/99 FTW!

You a fool if you think the Dreamcast was a bad console. It had so many killer games and spawned many franchises. Hell even 2K sports games started there

Wizziokid2815d ago

underrate console, not terrible.

bumnut2815d ago

It was not very popular in the uk but it is one of my all time favourite consoles.

NJShadow2815d ago

Your comment is a joke. The Dreamcast was a great console with phenomenal games. Don't hate just because you weren't privileged enough to have owned one.

wray772815d ago

Your comment is a joke right? If not, then you're either too young or too ignorant to appreciate what it was like to own a Dreamcast back in the day. Nice clean graphics (compared to the consoles of the time)fun games with friends in person or online.

ArthurLee2815d ago

jinofthesheep you are JOKE. The Dreamcast was HD with the use of the VGA cable in 1999 you fool! Its versions of Capcom fighters destroyed the PS2 versions. Were you even born yet in 1999 when the Dreamcast was released? Cause it sure doesn't sound like it.

8-bit2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Dreamcast was one of my all time favorite consoles. So many good games that jinofthesheep missed out on lol

specialguest2815d ago

How can Dreamcast turn 11, when it died almost a decade ago??

Elven62815d ago

SEGA of Japan still releases Dreamcast games every now and then, a few other Japanese developers also release arcade ports.

Not to mention the fantastic homebrew community.

Shane Kim2815d ago

Gotta agree with jinofsheep. I have one, and only a handful of games are worth playing. Every Sega console after Genesis (wich would be Saturn and DC) was just crappy.

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R2D22815d ago

A tribute to the Dreamcast.

R.I.P and you should be happy to know that the console brand that killed you is in 3rd place this Gen with the Wii kicking a$$.

Karma is a b!tch.

lokiroo4202815d ago

What do you know r2d2 and wizzio commenting next to each other again, good job on not double posting with alt accounts this time.

mrv3212815d ago

And Microsoft copied your controller :P

milohighclub2815d ago

lol was just gonna post that!!!! damn you!!!

but yeah remember that article with the diagram on how sony stole everything and all the ms fanboys were trippin....

Wizziokid2815d ago

I loved this console, I wish it was a success but it was ahead of it's time. So many good gaming memories on that console.

R.I.P dreamcast and Happy Birthday!

darthv722815d ago

it is a success. It made the notion of console gaming online a reality. Not only for competitive/cooperative gameplay but also surfing the web.

Granted, it was not THE first console to game online but it did it way better than the previous attempts. From that moment, we can look at it as the tipping point for setting the basis to what we use now.

KillerPwned2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

This console is the shit got one sitting next to my tv still play it till this day. This console had so much to give us its a shame it all went to waste.

The history of sega dreamcast.

CadDad2815d ago

I still love the little guy, and have my 9/9/99 receipt with Soul Calibur and NFL 2K.


darthv722815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

I still have my software etc DC collectors ed store bag from when my wife bought it for my birthday.

I have mine connected to the vga port of my samsung 42" plasma. It makes the games appear stretched but oh man the clarity.

I wish the DC offered support for widescreen though.

KillerPwned2815d ago

O wow i wish i had that i only got the box with the instructions 2 controllers with 2 VMU`s 12 games all in orgional cases. I need to get more and build a stronger collection. I love yours

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