A New Way of Looking At Videogames

What is art? There is no single, workable definition. Is art just something that makes us feel? Or reflect? Roger Ebert, normally a rational and witty writer, concluded not long ago that videogames are not, and can never be, art, despite never having played one and being unable to offer a definition of art. Though this conclusion has little validity, Ebert revealed, subtextually, an important point. There is very little in the way of academic-style discourse on videogames.

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jinofthesheep2816d ago

well, someone should just get on with writing critical theory behind videogames in a similar style to traditional media (i.e. literature, film, tv, art). once that happens, you'll see videogame studies cropping up in universities around the world...

TomFG2815d ago

that's the idea. i studied film at university so i'm going to try and apply some of what i learned there, and upload everything i do to bluesungames. hopefully others will want to contribute too.