GameTrailers - EyePet Review

Does this cute virtual pet bring happiness to our homes, or make a mess on the carpet?

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Rrobba2869d ago

Higher score than I expected, especially from GameTrailers.

iamnsuperman2869d ago

I was expecting lower too.....Still not going to get it though.....I remember the times on Gametrailers where they didn't have the Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr Super-White on and they said PS3 looks bad....It wasn't until the community kept going on about it did they change it when reviewing PS3 games

GWAVE2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

My wife wants this game but I think it is crap.

Edit @ below

Hahaha! True. Just because I said it's crap doesn't mean we won't be buying it. ;)

nycredude2869d ago

Word of advice for Gwave.

"Happy wife, happy life".

JohnApocalypse2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Are you saying that cause of their Uncharted 2 review that people bitched about? 9.3 means its awesome

mrv3212869d ago

You mean after their reasoning for Uncharted 2 which was

'It's not original enough' despite giving GOTY to MW2...

gaffyh2869d ago

@mrv321 - Exactly, that was the issue, not the score. It's like when Gamespot did that review for R&C and gave it a lower than average score saying "It has too much variety."


sikbeta2869d ago

Nah, it's cos that site gave the GOTY to Modern Bugfare 2, which is more like an update of Modern Glitchfare, which is....

Lifendz2869d ago

Yeah, I remember those days. To think these big sites actually condoned such blatant fanboy like actions. Things have gotten better (especially at Gamespot), but Game Trailers still seems to be the most critical of the big sites site when it comes to PS3 games.

And a 7 is about as high a score as a game like EyePet could probably hope to get

Rrobba2869d ago

It got 9.5! But yea, awesome game.

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OtherWhiteMeat2869d ago

This game is a must if you have kids.LBP2,Move and EyePet under the Xmas tree pretty much guarantees a great holiday.

GiggMan2869d ago

You said it, my kids are 11, 8, and 2, so I can see them having a ball with this (especially the 2 year old). Plus it gives me the excuse to buy the Move for the games that I want, no questions asked. :)

JaggerJack52869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

other pets online then It would be real awesome and get more older people into it.

Yomiro2869d ago

My kids will enjoy this game.

2869d ago
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