Kinect's Object Scanning Isn't For Now, It's For Later

Despite being one of the cooler elements of Kinect's original E3 2009 reveal, the ability to "scan" real world objects and use them in games won't make the peripheral's launch. But that doesn't mean the tech is forgotten about

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LeeRoyJenkins2869d ago

At least we know it's possible. Probably the best game accessory to come out in the last 20 years. Kinect..Jump In!

chazjamie2869d ago

ah, the pc card. "well it cant do awesome shit at this moment. but give it a few years , and i can assure it will do those things".

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GWAVE2869d ago

The overwhelming amount of patience that gamers are giving Kinect is absolutely staggering. It's even more staggering when these same gamers turn around and mock even the tiniest errors in other games.

"LOL! Screentearing in PS3 version of a multiplat! But...Kinect will sell a lot!"

iamnsuperman2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

@Gwave The Kinect has been said to do a lot but hasn't actually be shown to do it....Please Microsoft just release it when it is ready and also show us what it can, do not say what it can do without any shed of evidence ( I am not saying it can't but it would be nice to see it in action so that we at least know it is possible). It might be there in the future but say that in the future when you can actually do it right....It is getting a little ridiculous... I do not know what to believe anymore

MikeMichaels2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Tank battle game, scanning tanks into the game.

Further examples that are out now....Eyepet

All that for just $20.

Microsoft should be thanking Sony for all the RnD they've done for Kinect over the years.

DigitalRaptor2869d ago

I've never seen a company spread such outright lies as Microsoft and still get away with it. Are their consumers THAT gullible? They must be.

TotalPS3Fanboy2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Microsoft: "Guys, we have this great magic gadget. It won't do anything right now. But a few years from now, it'll do all these amazing things. Trust us. So just buy it right now for $150 and in two years, you'll have the most amazing gadget ever. And also, we have this great piece of black coal. Just let it sit in your room for a few years and it'll turn into a diamond. Trust us. For only $150 dollar."

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Parapraxis2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

...Just like the "hardcore" games, 1:1 tracking and no lag...riiiight MS?

sikbeta2869d ago

hey, don't kill their hopes, they have more than enough knowing they'll wait 18 months for the promise of at least one "core" game for kinect...

jellybalboa2869d ago

i was so looking forward to using my prize jewels as a shotgun!

THC CELL2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

will be good but im looking for more of a edge like scanning real object like sony is going to offer.

Omega42869d ago

Thats what Kinect does it scans real objects and put them INTO the game. Sony's patent is for using real objects as the motion controller, like a replacement for Move. NOT actually putting that object into the game.

jack_burt0n2869d ago

thus rendering it totally pointless

iamnsuperman2869d ago

"Thats what Kinect does it scans real objects and put them INTO the game" no it doesn't because all we have seen is the trailer from E3 2009 and those trailers promised a lot

I agree about the move patent.....Probably no see the light of day any time soon... It was probably a way to not have a Move controller but they found it didn't work so went with the controller idea

outrageous2869d ago

I didn't know this was some sort of issue. They said Kinect could scan real world items a long time ago. Anyways, making that into some sort of gameplay will be the problem.

I mentioned this on another Kinect thread, M$ needs to open Kinect up to the gaming community at large and let them have a chance to expirement with Kinect and its development tools. Make a Kinect Homepage on XBL and offer free Kinect apps for downloads. I think the average gamer would have more to say than some suit with bean counters breathing down there necks. If they do that, Kinect will be a MASSIVE hit all over the world. While were at it, bring Kinect to the PC as well.

iamnsuperman2869d ago

@outrageous I agree with you. Bringing to the PC will defiantly mean more will sell because it seams more suited to this than to gaming.....All console need an app store as such that give consumers services.

Ilikegames762868d ago

I don't think MS will do that as it's in their business culture, that's the reason Valve is complaining about XBL not flexible and closed, hence, why it's a train wrecked.

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JohnApocalypse2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Could you scan your penis and has it on the skateboard??

buffig2869d ago

I remember the original trailer. He held up his skateboard and somehow the xbox magically photoshopped his hand from the underside of the board before putting his board in the game. I'm still astonished people bought this. c'mon people we're supposed to be the super cynical ones. There are still people harping on about how awesome it will be when every NPC is like Milo and we can have a nice long chat. WAKE UP!

JaggerJack52869d ago

use your money to buy the console you dont have or the tons of games coming out. I do not understand why people would waste money on this kinect crap.

LoydX-mas2869d ago

is why so many people here waste their time trying to understand someone elses' buying choices?

buffig2869d ago

It's a forum for people to give their opinions regardless of topic. It's a very simple concept. If you are having difficulty with this then perhaps this isn't the place for you.

LoydX-mas2869d ago

You don't have to tell me what this place is. I have been posting here for over three years.
How long have you been here?
Oh yeah, about a month.

Since you have not been here very long, this site used to have "gamerzone" and "openzone" comment choices. "gamerzone": talk about the topic. "openzone": bash anything you wish including people.

I can see why PS3 fans have overrun this site since eliminating the "openzone".

buffig2869d ago

wow!!, posting here for three years you say? Well it just so happens that i have in my hands a "posting on n4g for 3 years" scouts badge. It's all yours champ.

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