Final Splatterhouse Boxart unveiled

Namco Bandai has now unveiled the final Splatterhouse Boxart for Europe, that looks hellish

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T9X692901d ago

Wow....that is one boring, uninteresting boxart. I could have came up with something better than that with 20 minutes in photoshop.

kevco332901d ago

Agreed. I think the temporary box art was better...

Quagmire2901d ago

At least its got more blood than the GOW3 cover...which is a bit ironic

N4GAddict2901d ago

I have a feeling Splatterhouse wont sell well at all

Quagmire2901d ago

I thought it was a PSN title at first. Dunno who thought putting it on disc was a good idea, but w/e. Im intrigued by this title.

kasasensei2901d ago

Original, well designed and polished, like the game! /s

The_Quiet_Man2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

The good thing about this being on disc is it's being released with Splatterhouse 1-2 (the original games). If it was a downloadable title I doubt it would come with the two retro games included.

I'm thinking of buying it just for those two retro titles alone, haven't played the the 1st game since I was a kid, never played the 2nd one. I hope this new version turns out good, I like a good hack & slash.

2901d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.