In praise of buttons

One of the main areas of conflict surrounding the games industry’s impending motion control war is the ‘buttons vs no buttons’ debate and this got PLAY thinking about how great buttons are.

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R2D22903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

because Kinect will have some games that will use the 360 controller.

@ below you are correct that thats Kinect tag line but how many times have MS said that Kinect will have hybrid games.


iamnsuperman2903d ago

well considering the marketing tag line is "you are the controller" I doubt they will introduce controller and kinect hybrid just yet.....also there is no games at the moment so this article isn't lame

mrv3212903d ago

'Controller free gaming'-Basically EVERY SINGLE Natal ad ever.

phinch2903d ago

it defeats the object of what they are trying to sell if you use a 360 controller

MisterAV2903d ago

if you have the controller in your hands how do you use kinect? Moving arms, feet and head? Or jumping?

And you must stand up, as someone reported there are problems sitting...

SilentNegotiator2902d ago

Flap your arms like a chicken and jump up and down.


TotalPS3Fanboy2902d ago

"It wasn't until I bought Kinect to play Killer Instinct that I realized how important buttons are. After spending 3 hours trying to do Jaguar's Ultra Combo using Kinect, it finally hit me in the face...

Buttons are important."

outrageous2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

I think having a golf club, Fishing rod, skateboard, magic wand...etc will be part of the experience at some point assuming M$ doesn't have to pay any royalties to anyone. Heck, you could have an entire Kinect suit with vibrating Kinect has the potential to do it all and I suspect it will. M$ really has to let the community at large have a go a developing apps for the device. They should have a Kinect page on XBL where people can down load free community developed apps using Kinect...that would really spurr growth...look whats going on with Windows Phone 7...the tools for apps on that have been downloaded 300,000 times

BTW...the whole sitting thing is silly...M$ has already said it's up to the devs how they program Kinect...the software is already included in the dev kits...Haters are always CLUELESS....take a look at this...

Here's a tech breakdown infomercial from M$ attention will ya...schools in [email protected] 0:43 you see a person sitting on a and wave, Kinect will

Redempteur2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

you're the one being misinformed it doesn't matter how the dev use kinect if the hardware and the software can't do much ... the way kinect recognise you can be upgraded yes but so far , there was no tech démo nor game showing something that wasn't done before with the eyetoy.

also even if kinect recognised you perfectly you have to do it without lag .. what's the point of a game where you're lagging ?

EDIT : also ..yep Micorosft can upgrade kinect software ..but right now kinect isn't ready for games .kinect adventures ? when wiisports resort and sports champions give you precise swordfighting ?

NIRVANArazor2900d ago

Just shut up. Please no reason to troll..

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Letros2903d ago

I think you will always require some buttons for games which are more complex, which gives move A LOT more freedom than Kinect, however I think MS is going for a really casual audience with Kinect, I watched it at Gamescom and it works for what games they were showing, but they really need to kill the lag.

OhReginald2902d ago

guys!! guys!! check out the sensitive fireman!!

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