Halo Reach: Campaign Commentary Preview (HD 720p)

Ve3tro writes: "Bungie Composer and Audio Director Marty O'Donnell and Audio Lead/Sound Designer Jay Weinland take you through the Halo: Reach campaign mission, Tip of the Spear."

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HarryMonogenis2815d ago

Why must they tease me so? >_<

T9X692815d ago

Saw this earlier on the dashboard. I can't wait to get this game, hopefully I get it today, if not I'll have it by the weekend :) I'm excited for Forge mode since they updated it and made it so much better, I'm going to have hours of fun just messing around with it.

JohnApocalypse2815d ago

This video makes my nipples hard

cygnuszero2815d ago

Hard to get excited about this. It looks just like Halo 3. Im starting to get bored of this franchise. Im glad its ending now.

muDD2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

There is no way that looks anything like halo 3... nothing but a insecure troll...

I hate TROLLS like this one...

cygnuszero2815d ago

No it actually does look like Halo 3 just so you know.

Chuk52815d ago

Thats like saying LBP2 looks just like LBP1 or KZ3 loooks jut KZ2, it's simply not true. You are just a troll.

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