£750,000 gets PlayStation Moving

Sony aims for mainstream and family audience with huge week one marketing spend; Total campaign worth over £2m

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Kurisu2898d ago

I hope to see a lot of TV spots, to combat the Halo: Reach ads which are on ALL the time.

EvilBlackCat2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

"I hope to see a lot of TV spots, to combat the Halo: Reach ads which are on ALL the time"

Fanboy? NAH!!! you are a console brand mascot!

THIS >>> "I hope" proves it.

A gamer don't really care about those things. I really dont hope that Halo Reach become the best game ever or Game of the year. Bungie and Microsoft are the one that have to make sure and care about those things.

Today we dont have gamers. Today what we have are brainwashed corporate mascots.


Narutone662898d ago

You're always in the PS3 thread bashing the games or the console. Get a life sonny.

happyface2898d ago

I have a feeling Halo is going to crush the Move no matter what sony decides to spend

hardcore Sony fans that are real gamers know gaming is about their dualshock, not a wii wand - so they wont be buying it anyway

casuals already have their wii and probably think their wii sucks, I doubt they want another one

jack_burt0n2898d ago

Hey Deutsch/LA employees that spend all day on N4G, bring KB to europe.

THC CELL2898d ago

we had a move demo station up at work the other day
they are trading wii for it lol
Halo is also doing well

Thanks bungie i have to do a midnight shift
God the game is not that amazing

Game-ur2897d ago

You work at a game store and you're not an XBOX fanboy? That’s rare.

2898d ago
ndibu2898d ago

Lol at 1st post. Nothing on PS3 can combat Halo Reach

buffig2898d ago

I think you mean nothing can combat the amount of money spent on halo reach marketing. From my point of view, I've never liked Halo, so most things easily combat it.

jack_burt0n2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

I am sorry but halo without online is missing so much of what makes it great.

ndibu thinks paying for live is stupid when online should be free like psn.

Narutone662898d ago

are all the games that the 360 is going to be known for. That's all they got and that's the sole reason why it's going to sell a lot.

ndibu2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

I think its retarded having to pay for what is free elsewhere. But I do own Halo 3 and 4 controllers and so do 2 of my real life friends. Nothing beats system link up with real life friends and halo 3 is my favourite multiplayer game for that reason.
Reach will be no different
@naruton, yes, sales is a game, and ps3 and psp are last place...aka, losing.
Also, the highest selling ps3 game is a shooter so what the hell kinda nonsense are you spewing?
Besides sales, halo reach is a guaranteed AAA...sales and quality.
Can't say the same about any ps3 exclusive. Nothing north of 5 million sales. Shame
@Roonie, exactly. It is a demo. A $40 demo. Kinda feel stupid for calling it a demo now don't you? So I maintain, no ps3 exclusive GAME has seen north of 5 million

Roonie2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Nothing north of 5m?

GT5P says hi and that's a demo, Unlike 360 exclusives PS3 exclusives are all quality that improves as time progress can't say the same for the 360 games tho......just look @ alan wake, conviction, crackdown 2 and were in 2010.

still wrong mgs4 5m. LMAO

Ilikegames762897d ago

You sound like some MS executive from Africa. Or are you Aaron Greenberg's alter-ego.

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