Halo 2: Criminally Underappreciated

NowGamer ramps up it's pre-Halo: Reach launch coverage with a look at why Halo 2 is criminally underrated by some gamers - "Has a game ever come under more unfair and undue criticism than Halo 2? Quite how a piece of work so beautifully and skilfully created could ever be considered ‘broken’, ‘terrible’ or ‘unplayable’ is beyond our comprehension. But that’s what some of the net’s more vehement Halo 2 detractors have been caught saying in the years since its release. So what exactly was wrong with Halo 2?"

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GWAVE2813d ago ShowReplies(2)
Hades13372813d ago

When has anyone ever criticised Halo 2 to that extent? My only criticism of the game is the short campaign, but it will go down as one of the greatest online multipayer games ever.

morganfell2813d ago

It's nowgamer. Did you actually expect insight or decent journalism?

fastrez2813d ago

How does it feel to be such a petty individual?

It's a good, well written piece and if you read it, they explain quite well where the criticisms came from and the interview with Bungie itself has them actually admitting that the game had a lot of critics.

Read first, troll later. It's a good rule mate, just saying.

morganfell2812d ago

It actually feels pretty good. It isn't a well written article. Not at all. An article begins with conceptualization and the dramatic leap made that HALO 2 has been under appreciated is flawed to the point of stupidity. So from the beginning the main assumption is completely off the reality rails.

Launches are not incoming they are upcoming.

Recount some of the critical disdain claimed to have been shown HALO 2 and insure it is from a reputable site rather than some blog of a demented high schooler.

"Quite how a piece of work..." WTF? I could continue in this vein ad nauseum but I won't.

Again, show some of these supposed detractors and make sure they are mainstream reputable sources rather than fringe elements blogs - you should be familiar with such fly by night sources.

There is nothing wrong with some of the praise heaped upon HALO 2 by Nowgamer though I hesitate to laud dual wielding when Bungie themselves have by word and action commented upon it. Their assumption concerning the game are not at question. It is these idea that far too many people have laid siege to the the game itself and that just isn't the case.

Building your entire article upon a flawed assumption makes the affair laughable regardless of how well the piece itself is written. That action goes far beyond being petty.

outrageous2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

I hate articles like this that try to rewrite history on their one sided opinions. The ONLY complaints I ever heard about Halo 2 was the campaign was short for some and the ending left them wanting MORE...Halo 2 game launch was something I never seen before. It was like the biggest thing ever and no Halo Fan was disappointed.

gillri2813d ago

all fanbase's can overappreciate games, I was very disappointed with the Campaign but MP was awesome,

Roozium2813d ago

Halo 2's online was frickin' awesome.

Akagi2813d ago

Underappreciated right up until that God damn cliffhanger ending.

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