Fun facts about Bungie and the Halo Franchise.

mygamertalk- Continuing off our Halo: Reach week, we here at My Gamer Talk have ventured through the internet and have found some pretty interesting facts that we didn’t know about Bungie, or the Halo franchise.

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elementum2693d ago

They let you use the fuel rod cannon in the pc version of halo 1 too, not just the flamethrower. Some of the maps they had on there were really cool too.

Wizziokid2693d ago

"When Halo 2 was shut down on April 15th, there were over 37 billion kills performed and 57000 years spent in matchmaking"

holy crap :| I wonder how many halo 3 will have when/if it gets shut down, and reach for that matter.

morventhus2693d ago

i was thinkin the same thing

Mite222692d ago

I wish more games tracked stats like this. Id love to see the numbers for COD.

killershadow1172693d ago

If it was suppose to be made for mac only then why did halo come out for the xbox 2 years before either PC or MAC game and why did the PC version come out 3 in a half months before the MAC version? (the version where it came out as a PC/MAC disk came later)

kaos_fish II2693d ago

Halo came out in 2001 - it was supposed to be released late 1998 or early 1999 for the PC - yes, it started life on the Mac but Bungie shifted the development to the PC.

I still have the 15 minute presentation video Bungie did for E3 1998 on PC Games CD-Rom

But in 2000 Microsoft bought Bungie and well as they say, the rest is history.

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