GT5 Kiosk Demo: Detailed Gameplay Impressions, More Videos

Impressions on physics, damage effects and other items like AI, and 7 more videos from GTPlanet.

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yewles12817d ago

*waits for flood of in-the-closet haters screaming about damage as if it affects them PERSONALLY*

himdeel2817d ago

...however it made me wonder and I still would like to know how MOVE will be used to play this game. I think it could end up being the poor mans/budget gamers wheels.

It's nice to see someone playing that isn't smashing against the walls on every turn in all the videos like some of the other videos I've seen.

Dee_912817d ago

yea its a steering wheel

jack_burt0n2816d ago

what!? move is used for headtracking nothing else.

game is looking definitive.

Ilikegames762816d ago

said that the controller were busted and he was testing the damage model of the demo at hand. But it still made me cringes whenever magnificent cars crashes like those in those videos.

number472816d ago Show
nikoado2816d ago

They use the PS Eye for headtracking (changing view in game by turning your head)

You can also mount the Move controller itself in a steering wheel.

hennessey862816d ago

5 years and they still cant get the engine noises right. That auidi r8 sounded electric and dont dont get me started on the v10 lambo oh well i suppose everything else is perfect. Still cant wait for november to come

iPad2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

I simply cannot wait for this game!!!!!

EDIT: Why is number47's comment marked as trolling? He clearly wasn't trolling.

He was stating F A C T S .

bustamove2816d ago


Anyway, can't wait for this game.

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mcnablejr2816d ago

THIS looks so freaking awesome!!!!

TANUKI2816d ago

I wish I could afford the steering wheel. Got the collector's edition though!

iamnsuperman2816d ago

I might get this the only other GT game I had was the first one but I do not know If I want to splash out for a stearing wheel because it seams the only real way to play it

Hacker2816d ago Show
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The story is too old to be commented.