Sony Computer Entertainment Shows Technology for Scaling 1-Gpixel Image at High Speed (PlayView)

The PlayView is the technology that SCE has been developing as the "high-quality image enlargement technology." And the company is now providing contents using the technology for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) users.

In the lecture, Yutaka used the "PlayStation Move Motion Controller," a motion-sensitive controller for the PS3, to control the PS3 equipped with the PlayView and demonstrated the technology.

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Kain812694d ago

Indeed, and they plan this for games too INSANE

Ilikegames762694d ago

this is realistic, unlike some CSI episode where you could enhance the reflection on a screw head from a blurred video of a security camera.

Kurt Russell2694d ago

Only to find sperm on it and catch the killer.

bjornbear2694d ago

in strategy games / puzzle games.
But i'm sure other games can benefit from this! very cool tech! =3

nickjkl2693d ago

wasnt sony also working with vectors

you know have an image inside of an image but it acted like web pages

sikbeta2693d ago

WOW! Really impressive

nickjkl2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

here it is idk if they are the same but they seem similar

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totallysane2693d ago

could this be hinting at a new service coming out, interactive/animated magazines and guides, and manuals sounds epic

Cratos87802694d ago

so PlayView isnt the name of the PSP2 like some rumors suggested.

Triella2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Playview is also the name of a portable device Sony has yet to unveil.

Cratos87802694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

but is that gigapixel?

Anyway, atleast the technology now has an official name - PlayView.

SixZeroFour2694d ago

that video could be the same thing as this article...after all that vid is part of ps3 and sony


All this tech and they can't get a browser that zoom in without distorting everything? I'm typeing from PS3, this bold letters help a bit, but PS3 browser still kinda get me tired from reading stuff.

alphakennybody2694d ago

this could take puzzles or detective type of games to a new level.

SixZeroFour2694d ago

you know, fail is part of "everything"...just saying

but i also do know the slogan (for ps3 not just sony) is supposed to be a hyperbole somewhat

SixZeroFour2693d ago

1 agree, 8 disagrees

either there was only one that was intelligent enough to understand what i was saying, or 8 ppl didnt like the truth in what i

BTW...i was not saying ps3 was a fail, just stating that fail is part of everything, along with succeed

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The story is too old to be commented.
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