EA prioritizing 360 over PS3: Completing Xbox 360 Versions First

A representative with the publisher EA told Matt Richtel that as a release date nears, the company sometimes readjusts the manpower on the projects to complete the Xbox 360 version first.

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power of Green 4054d ago

Stop blaming EA i can post other devs that do the same things and get the same results from hardware.

MK_Red4054d ago

What do you mean? Aside from EA games all others are near identical. Just look at Call Of Duty 4, Haze, UT3, Darkness or Oblivion. Also, how come a team like Criterion is easily developing Burnout Paradise with PS3 as lead platform without problem?

Xbox 360 Will4054d ago

Yawn ignore the xbox 360 fanboy above. He's starved for attention because his 360 is in texas getting repaired.

FirstknighT4054d ago

Darkness was NOT identical on the ps3. The 360 was the superior version. This has been already discussed. Haze and COD4 haven't been released yet. Oblivion was an year old and the graphical improvements were minor.

EA is not a "lazy" developer! Stop with the excuses and the whining!!!

tehcellownu4054d ago

EA is crap..i wont be supporting them anymore...lazy as$ developers

Figboy4054d ago

i haven't ignored you yet, Power of Green?

i better fix that...

*THERE we go.

Hatchetforce4054d ago

@ nomuken, thanks. I had a hard day with some people today and that short comment had me laughing my ass off for 10 minutes.

caffman4053d ago

who thinks that after the 2 graphics updates for Oblivion on the 360, it looks better than the PS3 version. But thats just me.
This is just pure flame bait

P4KY B4053d ago

They have shareholders and 360 games make more money for them.
Who can blame them.

JsonHenry4053d ago

The problem is not that they are developing the games faster for MS, it is that Sony's machine takes more work to get the job done!

gaffyh4053d ago

@FirstKnighT - did you see the same comparsion video as me? The darkness is one of the few games that looked better on PS3, the 360 version had a green tint.

I wonder whether Peter Moore going over to EA Sports is having a negative effect on PS3 versions of EA games?

DeadIIIRed4053d ago

They deserve to lose their NFL license after the crap they pulled with 08. I'm not a second class gamer just because I have a PS3 and nobody else should be either.


i Shank u4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

damn, the amount of disagrees you all gave POG is retarded. Starbreeze is another dev.(maker of darkness), so is Ubisoft (splinter cell: DA and R6), the devs. of F.E.A.R., etc. and you guys also ignore the fact that EA made fight nights 3 look better on PS3, so they can, in fact, optimize a game for PS3. so what POG said was true, you all seem to disagree with him just because you dont like his past posts. buncha' babies, and im sure none of the above will respond because you know this is all true

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MK_Red4054d ago

So this explains it. EA is not lazy. Thgey just focus more on the 360 versions. Could this be the Peter Moore effect?

killercam194054d ago

i dont know if ur jking or not but the answer would be that peter moore is on incharge of the sports

Lifendz4054d ago

what exactly does "on in charge" mean? This has to be some reflection of Moore being a top dog over at EA. I learned my lesson with this years Madden.

MK_Red4054d ago

I was j/k since Moore is a pro and something like this (Focus on 360) goes to EA's higher ranks and money owners. Also, games like Madden and NBA have been in works long before Moore came and so "360 over PS3" has been EA's moto for some time.

aaquib24054d ago

They have to spend millions developing on PS3 because its new, so instead they stick with the 360, so:

1) Development is cheaper, and easier than PS3. PS3 is new, and they're too lazy and cheap to experiment with it, because it takes too long, and costs too much.

2) It'll sell 1/3 of what 360 sells, because of the PS3's base. So spend more money and time for a game to a smaller audience? NCAA sold about 75,000 on PS3 and over 300,000 on 360 last time I check on VGcharts.

I can't say I blame them. I'd probably do the same thing, I mean it IS business!

aaquib24054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Double post

BADBOYEK44054d ago

this is not a Peter Moore effect,Madden is an American Football Game the XBOX360 sold 6.5 million consoles in America.The PS3 sold 1.4 million consoles in America, so why would EA waist millions on 1.4 million consoles.

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Blitzed4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

'If it makes financial sense, its in the game'

Maldread4053d ago

Haha, so funny and so true. Nice one.

Lakuspakus4054d ago

Xbox 360 is easier to develop for... ok, so we got that one covered.

Easier developing = Shorter developing time
Shorter developing time = Less Money spent and earlier release.
Less money spent and earlier release = more money.
More money = Better PS3 version.

Anyone agree to my way of thinking?

Lakuspakus4054d ago

Dont know what there is to disagree, but someone obviously does, and they dont even say why.
my guess is PS3 fanboys.

beans4054d ago

I have know Idea why anybody would disagree with your comment either! Maybe the fact that PS3 or 360 were both in the same post! Heck you can even post good news and still get a disagree lol!

Hatchetforce4054d ago

No I don't agree. Not when you have devs saying the PS3 isn't harder to develop for, it just requires a different kind of development.

I am more prone to believe a statement like that rather than one that comes from a developer who, when their work is substandard blames the console rather than their own lack of adeptness.

The problem is the devs that say it is harder are owned and made into professional liars by the developers that are getting the job done.

Daishi4053d ago

The problem is they have fewer people working on it and at the same time it has to be released on the same day. Would you be upset if the 360 and all other versions came out a month earlier than the PS3 version? It's a choice of which you would prefer. Yes they are making baseless excuses when most developers say they are nearly identical (Monilith for ex.), but the problem still remains manpower. The only thing you can do to get EA to listen is to buy two, three, or even four PS3's and get the instal base up(jk). What can you do? Sign the petition that is going around.

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TheMART4054d ago

@ Power of Green

Dude it doesn't matter. Actually this is a very 360 positive article.

PS3 fanboys think this makes the PS3 looks better. Look its EA's fault the games are running on 30fps and the 360 has it locked on 60fps.

Who cares? The point is: last gen the PS2 had the advantage of the largest installed base. Thus getting more attention, more exclusives, more games. This gen it's the 360. So, even if it is EA making the 360 version better and the PS3 version worse, or its the PS3 hardware that can't cope with a descent framerate... The 360 will get the better version of multiplatform games!

Which will sell 360 units, the installed base gets bigger, more games, more best versions, more exclusives. The positive spiral. Where the PS3 can get the negative spiral: over and over the worse versions of multiplatform games, people want the best versions so don't buy the PS3 anymore, the smallest installed base, no/less 3rd party exclusives and so on

Xbox 360 Will4054d ago

I pray that you would get rid of you ignorant personality quickly. Ignorance is the worst kind of personality to have. I feel sorry for you when the PS3 catches up and beats the 360 because you won't be able to post negative PS3 comments hence your purpose in life will be over.

Lifendz4054d ago

the 360 version of Madden has always been 60 fps. The PS3 hardware can't cope or the devs at EA aren't putting forth the effort? You see those are two very different things. Is it that the PS3 can't "cope" with a game being 60 fps or is it that EA is focusing on 360 more because of the installed base?

GaMr-4054d ago

Wait... soooo let me get this right Mr. Postitive spiral and better ports etc... Does that explain why something so simple as 100 bucks off PS3 still making it quite a bit more expensive than Xbox360, still allowed it to man handle the 360 sales for the past few weeks? Don't you get it. The thing(360) just doesn't sell. Its "Larger install base" as you call it. Is simply by default. Its called launching 1 year early. Let me stack them up for you.

Xbox360= Faulty hardware,great games,Killer bargain, haunting hardware issue...sells by defualt.

PS3= Great Hardware, average to mediocre games, High price point, lack of games to boot.... sells regardless.

Wii= What can i say....this thing just fuccin sells...

So in all actuality... if the 360's positive spiral was all that it should be where the wii is. If Sony wanted to be just try something for craps & giggles not saying this is logical or would ever happen...but let them drop the price of the PS3 (60GB or 20GB) to the price of the xbox premium and watch how PS3 sales would embarrass 360 sales and even rival Wii sales.

And alot of Game Studios/Dev's know that the 360's performance is no where near a level to dismiss the PS3. That is why you still see big PS3 exclusives and you still see Dev's sticking there neck out to defend Sony's Machine.

sjappie4054d ago

They sold 1500 consoles a week more than 360 last month in Europe. What a manhandling!


what is the source of your bubbles son, are you cheating, someone is working with you giving you bubbles to support 180 is that it?


fenderputty4054d ago

was based on a logical fallacy. Snowball anyone?

You might as well be telling me that allowing gay marriage will lead to the lessening of social morality, that soon polygamy will follow and, that not soon after that .... HUMANS AND ANIMALS!

It's pretty amazing how you ignore the chance of any other outside force affecting your little spiral. IE, more price drops, games like Killzone, other first party titles, an already installed fanbase of the PS2 waiting to come over (like a ton of my friends), games like FFXIII and metal gear, the fall of HD-DVD (yes that would help bolster PS3 sales), the further media bashing of the reliability of the 360, and the possibility of more developers "getting it". I'm not saying all these are going to happen but, each one of these things could affect your little snowballing argument.

hfaze4054d ago

"Who cares? The point is: last gen the PS2 had the advantage of the largest installed base. Thus getting more attention, more exclusives, more games. This gen it's the 360."

Not necessarily... By your logic, the Wii will be getting the most attention this generation(largest install base - STILL selling out consistently almost a year after launch, and BY FAR cheapest development costs).

It's a known fact that developers will concentrate on the system that has the largest install base. The 360 has done as well as it has due to being out a year earlier than the competition, and absolutely blowing away the other systems out at its launch (PS2, GameCube). Yet, Microsoft has had to adjust their sales estimates already... Sales have tapered off greatly after they hit the 10 million mark...

It will be interesting to see how things pan out this Christmas season... All of the systems have some pretty big titles coming out.

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