Apple Eats Into Nintendo, Sony Sales as iPhone Plays to Gamers


With more processing power and better graphics than their predecessors, smartphones are eating into the market dominated by Nintendo and Sony.

“With casual gaming dominating the market, the iPhone is starting to give the traditional hand-held DS and PSP models a run for their money and will likely continue into the future,” iSuppli researcher Pamela Tufegdzic said.

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CrazyForGames2899d ago

"The multi-purpose capabilities of mobile phones are making them the platform of choice for young gamers"

that's where i stopped reading LOL

Venatus-Deus2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

I have an iPhone4. It's great for email, a phone, camera and iPod.

It's not a very good platform for games. Same problem as Kinect. No buttons.

Playing SC: Conviction is just awkward.

Akagi2899d ago

I just can't over how stupid the concept of touching the screen to use buttons. You cover the screen, and you have to tilt your device at different angles to see more, especially with their FPS line-up-- Which, incidentally, all suck.

ReservoirDog3162899d ago

There's only one (1) game in the app store that really works and is an all around great game: Soosiz. Look it up, there's a demo. Seriously, look it up right now.

Besides that though, it's only puzzle games that get boring after awhile.

Whereas the PSP, though not perfect, actually gives full games. Just got Kingdom Hearts BBS from amazon today. Planning on VC2 and MGS PW.

Speaks for itself right? (seriously, go try Soosiz now)

EeJLP-2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

What gamers? Sorry, but I don't play PS3 and then think to myself about switching to cell phone games.

Maybe they have a very small point vs. DS and PSP, but touchscreen controls alone are no match for buttons when it comes to gaming. I have a touchscreen phone, and the emulators are barely playable. Some are easier than others, but you're covering part of the screen with your thumbs, and you're missing or hitting wrong buttons, because everything's flat and can't be pressed in. You probably can't really go to work on it either, unless you want to F up your screen.

RememberThe3572899d ago

and he gets addicted to those crappy iPhone games all the time. It's like playing cards; it can be simple but very addictive. I have chosen to stay with regular cards and dominoes but I guess if they're having fun it doesn't bother me.

MacGamer2899d ago

I've never been interested in games on mobile phones. Phones were made for 1 purpose and that is to call your friends/family or make business calls.

“In some countries the first digital entertainment device that people there might touch is a mobile phone rather than a PC", was a bit of a joke I think.

ozstar2899d ago

For Bloomberg, Yes that was a bit of a joke comment. Serious business publication? hah

CountDracula2899d ago

Yeah I like iphone games too but they are just so simple and often so shitty I would just rather pay 29.99 for a game that will last me instead of 1.99 for pointless shit.

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The story is too old to be commented.