Should The Medal Of Honor Taliban Controversy Extend To Nazis? (RunDLC)

In case you missed the news, the U.S. military blocked the sale of EA’s Medal of Honor on bases throughout the world because it allows people to control Taliban fighters in multiplayer. Hey, that’s fine. I’m not here to say whether that's right or wrong. Instead, I’m left wondering why Nazis continue to receive a free pass.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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xYLeinen2784d ago

This just proves that American think more highly of them selves than any other nation or group of people out there.

There have been war games where Germans, Russian, Japanese have been killed and I don't see the media flipping out over that. Taliban have killed American soldiers in a real fucking war and so far I know the Americans went to the fucking war. So don't blame EA for making a video game from a recent conflict. Blame your self that you went to war and stop fucking whining.

HammockGames2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

One based on religion, the other so reliant on brainwashing that it may as well have been. The biggest difference is that the Nazi's killed far more.

Adolph Hitler is one person I would love to meet - for the sole purpose of pulverizing him with a sledgehammer.

I'll never understand how people can kill others simply because they don't agree with what they believe. It's small minded thinking and proof that sheeple can be dangerous when they don't think for themselves.

Apotheosize2784d ago


How many times will video games depict Russia as evil? Another double standard.

jaosobno2784d ago

Well said mate! Bubbles!

BYE2784d ago

It's funny how uneducated people from overseas call you a nazi when you go there as a German.

Kinda leaves the impression that they got their education from nothing else but movies and video games.

stevenhiggster2783d ago

The Nazis were far worse than the taliban, it's just that this is in recent memory and people forget pretty quick. The Nazis were absolutely terrible and if anyone knows anything about WW2 other than what you've played in video gams then they'll know that.

djfullshred2783d ago

xYLeinen -

A debate by a relative handful of vocal people about this subject doesn't "prove" anything about a diverse nation of 308 million people that all have different viewpoints.

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EeJLP-2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

There is no controversy. People are just plain stupid. You can play as a terrorist in plenty of games.. also you can play as Nazis as this article says. You can also kill gods in God of War.. etc.

I'm not super interested in the game, I haven't looked into it that much, but I support it against all these crazies yelling 'controversy'.. people that aren't going to be playing it anyway. I'm pretty sure there's much worse things going on in the world than the skin of an in-game character model.

MacGamer2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Sounds a bit like a dictatorship... What a load of crap.

Australia (where I'm from) is starting to follow in the USA footsteps and it wont surprise me if something like this came out of Australia also.

I don't think i'll play the game myself, but jeez guys, ease up and let it through.

kasasensei2784d ago

Is this game banned in UAE? Iran? Koweit? Pakistan? Afghanistan? Saudi Arabia? Yemen? Oman? Siria? Uzbekistan?

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