PALGN: Fable III Preview

If you can look past some of the things that Peter Molyneux has said through the course of the Fable franchises history, you’ll realise that the games are about stuffing around and seeing what you can get away with as much as it is about the story and character development. In keeping with the spirit of Fable, Louise’s husband was playing and demonstrating the game in the background… seemingly happy to hack any civilians that looked at his character funny. While wearing a chicken suit. And thrusting his hips… Yeah, fans of tomfoolery needn’t look anywhere else.

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ingiomar2779d ago

Fable 3 is gonna sell like crazy..dont be surprised if it surpasses the 5 million in sales that Molynator is aiming at

whothedog2779d ago

Yes cause that is what I am looking forward to in this game... how much it sells :/

BeOneWithTheGun2779d ago

I could care less about sales. Shit, I GameFly everything. $30/month to have 3 games out at all times? No brainer.

OT: Really excited about Fable. Seems like a huge step forward from the last one. I'm thinking leaps and bounds like Uncharted 2 did from the first one. Great time to be a gamer.