Ranked: Best and Worst Movies Based on Videogames

Metacritic: "Since the early 1990s, Hollywood has been adapting videogames for the big screen, and, on paper at least, the two forms of media seem like a match made in heaven. A movie should just have to follow the story and characters already set up in the game, taking some liberties here and there for the sake of story or budget. But, as with many games based on movies, film adaptations of videogames have had mixed results and are often disastrous."

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cyber_crysis2899d ago

best= mortal kombat.

worst= street fighter

The first time I saw mortal kombat I couldn,t stop watching it...

Quagmire2899d ago

I dont see what the hate for Prince of Persia was.

Was it a good video-game-based film? Maybe Not. But was it a good action/adventure film? Yes.