PS3 RPG scans for 9/9

Trinity Zill O’ll Zero, Agarest 2, Fallout New Vegas, Neptune, and Final Fantasy XIV, in that order.

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TANUKI2901d ago

Trinity Zwill and Neptune look pretty interesting.

pippoppow2901d ago

There is something about Japanese game games that has that flair and imagination that other devs can't seem to match. Would like to see some game-play vids and a release date. Very interested from the little I've seen so far.

Archdemon2900d ago

It's too bad that all to often the gameplay of JRPGs fall flat on it's nose.

The Japanese really know how to make a turd look like a sparkly gold bar.

Redempteur2900d ago

don't play if you don't like

Chris3992900d ago

Series has been around since the PS1 days. It's sort of Final Fantasy in its scope, though this iteration is a bit more action-RPGish than the others.

VERY excited for this game, we've never had it on Western shores. Is there an official release date for it yet?

Aleusia2900d ago

Archdemon, what was even the point of that? Why do you have to come in here crapping on it? Just don't play it if you don't like it. I don't trash-talk Western RPGs, Bastard.

HelghastKid2901d ago

Trinity and neptune are looking good, hope we get them in the US

raWfodog2900d ago

It looks like localization is already in place.

RememberThe3572901d ago

Trinity Zill looks sick. I hope this is released over here in the states.

Simon_Brezhnev2901d ago

yeah Trinity will most likely come to the states since they always bring dynasty warriors over here.

Aleusia2900d ago

It's already been confirmed for international release.

JaggerJack52901d ago

ps3 is the place to be for console rpgs

Gue12901d ago

In Neptune why the PS3 character looks like a loli when the PS3's big and powerful like the X360? The PS3 should have big boobs too! The only loli's should be the Wii, DS and PsP and the Dreamcast should be an in between...

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The story is too old to be commented.