1UP previews Gray Matter - Gabriel Knight's Jane Jensen returns with an all-new adventure

Many longtime PC gamers remember designer and novelist Jane Jensen as an important part of adventure games' heyday. Jensen is probably known best for her Gabriel Knight series, published by Sierra. Each of the three games -- every one a point-and-click work of "interactive fiction" -- involves supernatural mysteries and exotic locations. Upon its release in 1995, Gabriel Knight II: The Beast Within won countless gaming awards, and the sequel stands even today as one of the few examples of the successful, even elegant, use of full-motion video.

With such a pedigree (along with a resurgence of interest in the adventure genre in the United States), it's easy to understand the excitement for Jensen's upcoming series, Gray Matter. Jensen describes the series to be, much like Gabriel Knight before it, a "paranormal/investigative series," but deeper, "updated to be more unique and cutting-edge, dealing with Matrix-like questions about the nature of reality... the power and potential of the human mind."

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MK_Red3934d ago

Awesome find! I loved the Gabriel Knight series and hopefully this is a great5 follow up for Jensen. Still waiting for GK4.

ktchong3934d ago

for almost ten years now... if it's not already dead.

Zhuk3934d ago

Jane Jensen is amazing and I have loved her games, I am looking forward to seeing what she does next