MMGN: Vanquish Preview

Vanquish is shaping up to be a game of epic proportions. All the standard gameplay elements are there, such as a covering system and rechargeable health, but what is it that sets Vanquish a part from other titles in the genre?

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ICC_062812d ago

Vanquish looks sweet, can't wait to play it!

CatGlue2812d ago

hope this is a good game, bayonetta was pretty sweet, but it missed a few things, hopefully this is better.

Gaetano2812d ago

By the looks of it, I think Vanquish takes things a step further. Bayonetta was great for what it was, but repetitiveness killed it. That might not be the case with Vanquish.

Jeannius2811d ago

Oh man, I'm missing out without a PS3 aren't I?

*looks at Starcraft II*


Pilkingbod2812d ago

The Japanese artwork always looks so complex.
This game looks pretty amazing though.

kk13872812d ago

looks absolutely wicked.

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