Mining Your Nostalgia For Cash

"While the video game industry is relatively young as far as forms of entertainment go, it has been around long enough for its fanbase to develop nostalgia. Gamers look fondly back on the days when they thought things were better (I won’t get into whether they were or not). Games have also been around long enough for developers to realize they can cash in on that nostalgia, and squeeze it for every penny they can."

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MechaZain3017d ago

Don't forget HD remakes.

I'll continue to buy them though

boogeyman9993017d ago

Mega Man 9 was nostalgia at its finest.

Valay3017d ago

Oh man, Chrono Trigger... Loved the DS remake. Brought back a lot of good memories.

zireno3016d ago

yesss!!! I loved the remake :)!!

many people complained that they weren't giving it a "3d" remake like final fantasy IV but for me that would have killed it, Chrono Trigger is such a great game and an exact port was the best way to go IMO.

Mastersnake103016d ago

I love it but my only problem was that they didn't add much. Felt like a cash-in.

halo4fan3016d ago

street fighter hd had new visuals instead of just a high resolution