EMEAA Weekly Chart, Week Ending 04th September 2010

EMEAA Hardware:

Console - Weekly (change) - Total

DS -- 100,396 (-2%) - 53,877,325
X360 -- 82,179 (-14%) - 16,788,616
Wii -- 76,359 (+15%) - 28,476,851
PS3 -- 59,405 (+2%) - 16,944,425
PSP -- 29,012 (+7%) - 24,987,151
PS2 -- 17,085 (-8%) - 61,497,777

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ndibu2994d ago

Xbox is closing the gap in europe

aceitman2994d ago

thats not going to happen ps3 move will kick satart the ps3 again watch and see

big_silky2993d ago

Dude, we've been waiting for 4 years now for the PS3 to beat the 360. It hasn't happened yet and nobody is gonna go drop $400 just to play a wii with better graphics.

zootang2993d ago

Europe is GT land. Once GT5 drops it's all over.

nycredude2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )


That is a pretty smart and bold assessment but I got you beat.

Nobody is going to drop $300 to play with the Ps eyetoy, with worse graphics. See what I did there. Cause I typed it on the internet it's FACT!

Seriously though I don't understand people who think the Move bundle is just a Wii with better Graphics. Its as if they forgot the thing still plays Ps3 games, is a bluray player, web browser, internet video conferencing machine, can save lives (folding home), free internet, etc.

Not to mention the Move is way more accurate than the Wii and has more core games working with it.

I agree with zootang though Europe is GT Land. And if there is any game that will make people by console just for that one game it's GT5.

rekof2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

and 360 is still behind,.. I thought 360S would have more legs in europe though, least till november when gt5 drops,..

but I think they actually count the whole pal region,..Including Australia,.. So Ps3 Gap in europe must be bigger,..

and the price point,.. that is all ,.. at the time of PS1,..
all they had to say is to come on stage say 299 (that was 100usd cheaper than sega),..and live the stage at E3 and game was over,..

This time they really overbuild the console,.. and I am glad for it,..

ASSASSYN 36o2993d ago

I would drop $400 to play a wii with better graphics... if I didn't spend it on a Reach console. I think the move is better than the kinect but I know I won't play the ps3 very much given all the games the 360 is pumping out on my got to get list.

finbars752993d ago

Dont worry the Xbox is only counted for how many they shipped out not for what they sold.It doesnt matter if it had a year or more start until MS releases the true numbers in how many they sold then I WILL KEEP ROLLING MY EYES AS USUAL.Until then I will go by what nintendo ans sony show in numbers because there legit numbers by sale not by how many consoles they shipped.Give me break MS you know your hurting up the ass for a while now come clean already.

Bzone242993d ago

You should roll your eyes at sony and Nintendo too if you don't like shipped numbers. They all report the same way, the only difference is the terminology they use when reporting the numbers.

Shipped = shipped/sold to retailers/distributors

Sold = shipped/sold to retailers/distributors

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Poseidon2993d ago

DS -- 100,396 (-2%) - 53,877,325
X360 -- 82,179 (-14%) - 16,788,616
Wii -- 76,359 (+15%) - 28,476,851
PS3 -- 59,405 (+2%) - 16,944,425
PSP -- 29,012 (+7%) - 24,987,151
PS2 -- 17,085 (-8%) - 61,497,777


ndibu2993d ago

Xbox 360 has been on top for the last 12 weeks now. And X360 is closing the gap in Europe. It used to be about 500k. Got it? Do you understand?

Narutone662993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

PS3 sold a lot more in total even if the 360 was release more than a year earlier. Now that the PS3 overtook MS, you're saying that the 360 is closing the gap. You should go back to elementary school.

Danja2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

good numbers for everyone except the PSP... and to the idiot who keeps saying the 360 is closing the Gap you shouldn't be proud of that , since the 360 was out 18 months over there before the PS3

Motorola2993d ago

@ndibu i think u did stutter.
And sales in europe seem high recently.

alb18992993d ago


It is true the 360 went out one year earlier than the ps3 but it is true and unfair that you don't count the 140million ps2 base in favor of ps3 and the blue ray lovers that buy the ps3 just to see movies......

dazzalfc2993d ago

"it is true and unfair that you don't count the 140million ps2 base"

Sorry, but i hate that arguement. Obviously, you're forgetting that not everyone has a brand loyalty, and that there were hundreds of reasons why the PS2 sold in those numbers and the PS3, so far, hasn't. Everything from the types of games (generally the biggest games were always PS2 exclusive, especially early on), the fact that alot of casual shovelware was on the PS2 (more so than any other console), that it never really had proper competition as the Xbox came about too late, that it was generally cheap, the slim proved to be stupidly popular (along with the price drops), that video games in general where becoming massively popular and beginning to rival movies in terms of revenue and popularity.....i could go on with reason after reason as to why the PS2 sold in the numbers it did, and just because it did, does not mean the PS3's success was going to be immediate.

Tons of factors influence it, and using the line 'ps2 sold loads therefore ps3 should have' is a cheap get out clause that simply doesn't work.

If anything, Sony should be applauded for how well they have done, given the compeition, the problems in the global market, the price points compared to the competition, the loss of key games, that the competition has always been cheaper and out earlier...again, tons of factors. I personally think Sony would be more than pleased with the PS3s current standing, and as long as they keep churning out quality games, then i couldn;t give one damn about whether the PS3 comes 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

alb18992993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Come on a lot of people still think that all ps2 games that they have will be compatible with ps3 and you say is not a fact..........what if i tell you that i had ps2 and when the next gen were announce i just said wao a ps3! because i was too satisfied with my ps2 so i was just looking forward for a successor. The only why i have a 360 is because i had in that moment a hd projector so i wanted HD content but after i have the 3 consoles i definitely give more credit to Microsoft because they are the new kids on the block and what a war they have made to sony that after 4 years it seems that sony wont get to it.

Ilikegames762993d ago

It sold a lot more than PS2 in the same time frame. So what's the 360 fanboy's excuse now?

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Anon19742993d ago

They aren't. Let's see. So they still have the PS3 under-tracked by 2 million consoles - still haven't fixed that "little" error. And 360 sales are still over tracked for some reason, with VGChartz claiming in the first six months of this year that the 360 sold over 30% more than Microsoft says they even shipped to retail (and not the first time they've been busted for over tracking the 360)

If you want real numbers, wait till each company releases their next quarterly update next month. VGChartz is so far off from the official data they're either incompetent or simply faking their data. Which is it?

Unicron2993d ago

Yup. Funny how people disagree with facts.

shadyiswin2993d ago

They could of shipped a million but sold 1.5 million, 500,000 could be left over from a past shipment, now it looks like they sold 150% in a certain time period which is usually quarterly.

finbars752993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Its so true they need to come clean and tell the truth and stop going by how many they shipped and go by how many they sold.Once they learn how to actually do tracking and inventory like a real company then you will be known as a good company.The other two companys have nothing to hide so why Is MS always hiding shit.Because they are hurting real bad.True sales gives a true idea of how well there doing not how many consoles are shipped out and still sitting on shelves or in storage areas.Its funny how you guys will defend a company that is crooked and has nothing to show for it but failure.They give you a console that is plagued with problems but yet you support them and you support numbers that arent even released.Good job on that one guys.

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bustamove2993d ago

Lmfao, that's funny. Tell me another joke!

finbars752993d ago

Its the same old crap.I cant figure out why people think that xbox is winning.Its not.The numbers are showing how many xbox consoles are shipped out not by how many they sold.The ps3 and nintendo products count how many they sold not for how many they shipped out or im sure that nintendo and ps3 would be on top period.Thats why I hate Vgchartz they need to be more accurate and get the true numbers of sale for MS but MS only releases what they shipped.Kind of funny how they hide there sales to me.We all know that its not doing that well.

tinybigman2993d ago

these sales articles were pointless at the start of this generation, and there pointless now. last i saw or heard i play awesome videogames not sales.

to the people who live for sales, and you know who you are. you are sad, sad people to those that just live for the games like me big ups to you.

you can go and start disagreeing haters. down with sales long live the great games.

mcstorm2993d ago

What is it with you all, close sales are good it means each company is kept on there feet and will benefit each of us.

I made a comment yesterday about the sony fan boys making comments about MS promising the world with Kinect and not delivering.

My comments were I don't see how any PS fan boys can call MS after what Sony have done with the PS3. It has lost playing PS2 games USB ports installing a OS changing the HDD card reader and they now have a chargeable service for PSN. I got my PS3 and 360 on day one but my ps3 has lost so many things since the start it is just wrong the 360 has not lost anything since it came out.

Ive had privet message back regarding that comment and it the guy has not even played on a 360 his last comment was well the ps3 will play ps1 games and he heard the 360 plays all original xbox gamers really bad.

all the fan boys need to stop looking at sales go out and buy the consoles your slagging off and enjoy them because if your a gamer this is what it is about playing games any thing else added to the console is a bonus.

The games industry would be really bad if we only had one company making a console.

Sez 2993d ago

Well said sir. Have a bubble+

mcstorm2993d ago

Thank you one of the guys is still at it trying to tell me the ps3 is the best console because he has never played on the 360. Do people know all the consoles have there + and - points.

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HeroXIV2993d ago



I. Love. Them.

Meisadragon2993d ago

PS3 has sold more in EU?

I thought 360 had a 1.5 year lead in the EU and 1 year lead in the US.

Someone please clear this for me thanks

wazzim2993d ago

Here in Europe, PS3 has a big fanbase because of their history in gaming, Nintendo is already king for long time and Xbox is just starting out to get big.

cliffbo2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

it's actually a bigger gap in Europe than that. for some reason Europe appears in 'other' and within 'others' also appears the Australian numbers and Middle East, Africa & Asia Hardware

alb18992993d ago

I think Australia does not appear because is a Continent.

corneliuscrust2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Had a MASSIVE predecessor which became one of the most popular consoles of all time. That the 360 is even competing at all is actually pretty good for MS, even with the head start.

If Sony had their affairs in order when the ps3 launched, it would have crushed the 360 into oblivion.

Mandatory_Install2993d ago ShowReplies(4)
gamer81792993d ago

The 360 is dominating everything but the DS. Head start or not, the 360 is selling more than the ps3 weekly. You can disagree if you like, but that won't change the facts.

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