Joystiq: Dragon Age: Witch Hunt DLC Review: Build a bridge out of her

Joystiq writes: "If you've spent a hundred hours on Dragon Age, it's going to be tough to resist Witch Hunt and its barely significant glimpse of the world's future. With that in mind, consider this a readjustment of your expectations: You'll get more of Dragon Age's addictive tactical combat and character building, but not enough in the way of plot advancement or closure. Oh, and when you see your party reappear briefly after the final cutscene, know that it's just a product of sloppy editing. That really was the end".

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Forbidden_Darkness2991d ago

The ending makes the wait for DA2 even more harder, I want more DLC. I'm defiently going to play through this game a couple more times before DA2 comes out!

I loved the ending and felt like it was the most rewarding DLC in the DA universe thus far.