Countdown To Halo Reach: Multiplayer "The original Halo game changed the face of console FPS. This is a fact, impossible to deny or ignore. When Halo first began sweeping through college dorms and group LAN parties it was impossible to tell that the future of competitive gaming was being shaped. Yet here we are, years later, with the final chapter in one of gaming's most influential (and recognized) FPS titles coming to a close. Halo: Reach has some monumental shoes to fill, particularly since it may be a long time until we see another entry in the franchise. What exactly we have to look forward to, and how long will it hold our interest, is the key question here. Fortunately Bungie has done quite a lot of thinking on this subject, and I doubt anyone looking to join the fun will be disappointed on any level. Unofficial Halo Week continues, with an in-depth look into the multiplayer scene."

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Hardedge3017d ago

There's no doubt that it's going to be huge.

Fishy Fingers3017d ago

It's going to be massive. I mean it's got more pre-orders in the US than many games manage to sell worldwide. Love it, or hate it, Halo is a beast.

ShawnCollier3017d ago

Should be interesting to see how well the game does.