Fable 3 PAX 2010 Gameplay

Gameplay video of Fable 3, which was shown at PAX 2010.

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BeOneWithTheGun3021d ago

Gears, Halo and Fable are why I own a 360. 3 great series. I love my PS3 exclusives as well.

Console gaming is not a pissing match for me. Each one has games that I really enjoy playing, therefore, I support both sides. The one thing I will never support is Flailing to game, hence the name. This Fall/Winter is going to be insane with all the games coming out. Glad I am divorced!

TheXgamerLive3021d ago

Fable 3, Fallout new vegas and two worlds 2 which also looks incredible. I can't wait. i want gothic 4 but there's only so many hours in a day.