Best Duke Nukem Quotes

Koku writes: "Are you aware that the news of Duke Nukem Forever’s future release garnered more worldwide attention than Hurricane Earl and the New Zealand earthquake on Twitter? You people disgust me, but I respect that you have priorities. Duke Nukem 3D was a great game, released in 1996, known most for its testosterone injected badass protagonist. Duke can walk the walk, but more importantly he can talk the talk. On that note, here are twenty of his best quotes."

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JoeyC2959d ago

Cant wait to see what Gearbox has come up with!

Fishy Fingers2959d ago

Leaked gameplay footage indicated this games development was already in it's closing stages, I'm not sure what Gearbox has changed, but from the recent event it looks like they just picked up where the others left off.

But they own the IP now. So expect a full blown Gearbox game in the future. Hopefully not to far in the future this time.

cain1412959d ago

I want to try this game...

gauntletpython2959d ago

Even though a lot of Duke's lines are ripped off from other movies, he definitely says them the best :P

Ziriux2959d ago

It's Duke baby! He uses Chuck Norris to wipe his ball sweat.

talktosamson12959d ago

Nice, Ziriux.

Chuck Norris also allows him to have sex with his wife!

Believe it.

KokuMicah2959d ago

The boogieman may worry about having Chuck Norris under his bed, but Chuck Norris worries about Duke Nukem under his bed.

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The story is too old to be commented.