9.0 Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale Review "Perhaps the most charming aspect of Recettear is that it's the first RPG to genuinely surprise me in ages. Behind its predictable (yet memorable) plot lies more mechanics than most modern-day RPGs have to offer and they feature details that one would not expect. From the dungeon crawling to item selling, Recettear provides an experience that will be extremely difficult to replicate, and it does so with its own sense of flair. Anyone who calls themselves a fan of RPGs is doing themselves a disservice by not playing it, and anyone who particularly enjoys indie games in general should find that Recettear will meet all expectations and more."

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ShawnCollier3021d ago

Sounds like a fun game. :)

Sanrin3021d ago

It's definitely quite awesome

zatrox3021d ago


It's actually pretty great. Everyone should give it a try.

Hardedge3021d ago

Wicked, I'll have to get this!