nullDC Emulator PS3 Port Progress by drk||Raziel

"drk||Raziel has exclusively informed that he has made progress on the nullDC emulator port he is working on for the PS3. Below is a quote on his progress, and after the jump a full output log from his nullDC port (Please note the log is produced via a PS3 Debug unit due to its remote debugging, but the code will run on retail PS3′s). drk||Raziel’s official blog is located at and check back at for more exclusive updates!"

"Letsee .. oh wait, it cross compiled ! *yay* for uber portable code ;p
Interpreter only / underclock 4x / no pvr rendering / no audio / no input
Bios intro runs fine, then gets on the clock dialog screen. YAY !"

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xAlmostPro2993d ago

damn..if shenmue finds its way onto ps3 because of this i'll be sad that i updated.. the homebrew stuff is all that im OK with about this whole thing.. maybe there will be a way of downgrading by the time this works.. although i play online so again hopefully theres a way of doing both if not i'll stick to psn access xD

Otheros002993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Since this is homebrew and not pirating games I'll let it slide.
@Meisadragon Too bad for you. Somebody I know has it and they turned the internet conection on the ps3 off before the update came.

siyrobbo2993d ago

you'll let it slide, like you have any element of control over the situation


bub162993d ago

maybe a change in the title name? maybe something like "DreamCast Emulator PS3 Port" this is what i would have any way

ndibu2993d ago

They grow up so fast. Everybody likes you now

Meisadragon2993d ago

also boost sales over the xbox. this is fantastic and at a right time

JBroken2993d ago

The pirates are already on the system. Just look at how many ps forums are rejoicing this.

raztad2993d ago

Hey JBroken how is FW 3.42 doing?

Snoogins2993d ago

"Ps3 game sales are already in the crapper lol"
He must get his news from FOX News! XD

theonlylolking2993d ago

I wonder when will a 360 emulator will arise...probably never.

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The story is too old to be commented.