All-Star Roundtable: Xbox Li$e

GameXplain Writes: "Avengers, assemble! Marc N. Kleinhenz has summoned several leading voices from GameXplain, TotalPlayStation, and IGN to tackle one of the surprisingly biggest hot-button issues currently facing the industry: Microsoft announcing on August 30th that it is increasing the price of its superlative Xbox Live online service. Is it a mistake or simply inexorable? See the debate, with warts and all…"

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andresegers2967d ago

Live is expensive, but worth it.

GreenRingOfLife2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Its definitely the best online service around with out a doubt, so good that all competitors aren't even a threat to Xbox Live

If you think theres no mods on Xbox Live then play MW2 or GTA 4

Godmars2902967d ago

Its the only paid online support service on a console.

In other news water is wet...

2966d ago
Montoya2967d ago

PSN- Free, PC- Free, XBL- $59+
PSN- Mods, PC- Mods, XBL- No Mods

Am I missing something?

Moonboots2967d ago

Yeah, one of the biggest selling points is ALL the mod's on PSN. Man, there are millio... wait a minute.. Where are all these mod's again?? We are 4 years in and don't tell me the PSN has been inundated with mod's for games. What good is supporting it if not a single developer uses it besides Epic and that still requires a PC.

I do agree with you on the PC side however.

I don't find it worth it for me so I don't pay for Live. If people do there is nothing wrong with that.

According to the title Xbox has "Lise"? Lice?? ewwww

Trroy2967d ago

I totally agree that its worth it... and the competing services are even *more* worth it.

zeddy2967d ago

basically what ur paying xtra for is online shooters like halo and black ops and xbox users dont give a shit since thats all they ever play. having said that xbox live is waaay better of a service than the psn because i have both.

a lot more variety on the ps3 with all the exclusives and i'm suprised aint charged us extra for all the goodness coming our way.

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T9X692967d ago

Wow 4 approvals in 2 minutes, there is no way you can read all of that in 2 min and I'm only half way through. Are you fanboys so desprate to approve anything anti-360 that you can spend 5 minutes reading. Jesus.

Montoya2967d ago

Don`t make everything about fanboys, it`s just as weak minded as they can be.

Troll_Police2967d ago

You spend your bubble worrying about fanboys?

Godmars2902967d ago

Hence the reason he only has one bubble...

ActionBastard2967d ago

Live is ridiculously priced for what you get.

capjacksparrow2967d ago

I get the same lag issues in MW2 on both consoles, it's just the ease of use to jump into a game with friends that make it superior. But when all my friends are on PSN, does it matter?

scott1822967d ago

I have crazy lag on MW2, on the PSN. But it's only that game that I have had issues with.

oldjadedgamer2966d ago

For those who didn't read the article, it's not just bashing live. It's actually a good discussion by multiple people. They all made good points on Live, the price increase, PSN, and plus

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