Why Should Japanese Gamers Buy Final Fantasy XIII On Xbox 360?

Final Fantasy Union: "After the achievement list was leaked via a Japanese site and Square Enix were very coy about it last month, Final Fantasy XIII was finally confirmed for an Xbox 360 release in Japan. However, the whole thing just seems like it will leave a bitter taste in the mouths of consumers.

Sure, as Square Enix claim, there probably are some people in Japan who only have an Xbox 360 and really want to play Final Fantasy XIII. But considering how successful JRPGs have been in Japan so far, it's hard to believe that there was a significant demand from Japanese gamers for Square Enix to release the title.

I don't remember seeing Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360 anywhere in Famitsu's weekly lists of "Japan's Most Wanted", the same lists that had The Last Remnant on PS3 featured heavily - that title never emerged though and stayed Xbox 360 exclusive despite lots of consumer demand."

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Hardedge2991d ago

I'd dare say Square Enix shot themselves in both feet, either of which being North Amerca/Europe and Japan, in regards to reputation among their fanbase.

Other than that, I think it's just the lay of the land. It's a business after all, not charity.

Wobbuffet2991d ago

I will give you a reason - Because some japanese owners may only own a 360, yes even japan has a few loyal 360 customers too, doesn't mean anyone will still buy.

Most final fantasy fans or enthusiasts or even curious newcomers to the RPG saga will of purchased a PS3 to do so, japanese aren't shy to spend money on electrical goods.

GreenRingOfLife2991d ago

Why should japanese gamers buy FF13 on 360.

probably because since its been in development longer it won't have all the bugs that were in the other version

and maybe it will have a smoother framerate but IDK I'll have to see it first of course

- Ghost of Sparta -2991d ago

They shouldn't. The game still looks like a PS2 launch game on 360.

Army_of_Darkness2991d ago

Why would anyone only own a 360 in japan to begin with?! LOL! thats just silly:P

4pocalyps32991d ago

Errm....are you referring to the PS3 version..? The superior one out of the two?

Dacapn2991d ago

Not sure why, but that pic made me laugh really hard.

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Poseidon2991d ago

if you only own a 360, you are forced to get that version, but if you own a ps3, get the ps3 version.

Natsu X FairyTail2991d ago

dumb artcle. I mean if u only own that console u get it on the console u get.

fuckitimout2991d ago ShowReplies(4)
CaptainMarvelQ82991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Easy mode!! yaaaay

WAIT,now that i think about it,i find it kind of insulting to 360 japanese owners
i mean rather than giving them a more harder, competitive mode,they give them an easier? wtf?

djevolve2991d ago

It's money, money,money,money..

can I have some!

avengers19782991d ago

I imagine most of them have already played it on the PS3

lelo2play2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

"I'd dare say Square Enix shot themselves in both feet, either of which being North Amerca/Europe and Japan, in regards to reputation among their fanbase. "

I call it smart and good business. They sold a sh*t load of FF13 games both on the PS3 and X360. Do you really think they care about a small group of stupid fanboys ranting because the game wasn't exclusive to the PS3. They are here to make the most money they can, and that's what they did. In relation to another article posted here on N4G, how pathetic is a person that he comes to a point of threatening a developer because they releasing FF13 in Japan. He is a sad person that desperately needs help.

Now... about FF13 Versus, i don't care if it's exclusive to the ps3 or not. I have a ps3 and a X360, but my guess is that Versus will come to the ps3 and x360.

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ShawnCollier2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

I bet the thirteen people who don't have a PS3 but have a Xbox 360 and are JRPG fans in Japan are really happy right now. *laughs*

ShawnCollier2991d ago

Maybe thirteen minus 2? :p

shoddy2991d ago

They would have rent/borrow/buy the ps3 when this game out.
If they wait this long they are not jrpg fans.

I think not many people care for FF13 anymore.

tacosRcool2991d ago

Square Enix is gonna lose so much business

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