Microsoft's Xbox Ready for Bigger Battle in Japan

Battling its Japanese gaming rivals on their home turf hasn’t been easy for Microsoft Corp.

Its Xbox 360 game console runs a distant third in sales here behind Sony Corp’s PlayStation 3 console and Nintendo Co’s Wii.

But the Seattle-based company is armed with a new weapon—its new controller-free Kinect game technology—that it hopes will convince Japanese consumers to embrace the Xbox 360.

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movements3018d ago

Oh yeah, let's see what they got!

sdtarm3018d ago

is a joke, i actually thought that they were saying that cuz of the multiple games going plattform, but instead they start backing that statement with kinect, FAIL

WhittO3018d ago

I feel sorry for all the people scammed into buying Kinect, atleast before they release any games with any level of Quality to them or a patch to make it actually playable with games.

morganfell3018d ago

Plenty of people that said they were getting ready for a fight were knocked out on the first punch. This is one more incident in the same vein.

This is a look at the Xbox executing their new attack plan. And the response of the Japanese public. Microsoft can't pimp Japan:

Game-ur3018d ago

Why are MS obsessed with neutralizing any Sony advantage instead of getting their own games? What good is it lobbying for FF13 in Japan?
They should make Lost Odyssey 2; it’s only the 3rd bestselling JRPG this generation.

MS were great in the old XBOX days, with Halo, Fable, KOTOR1 &2, Jade Empire, Phantom Dust, Ninja Gaden and other things, but now there is only Gears of War and Kinect. In the first 2 360 years they were great, but now they mostly suck.

Wobbuffet3018d ago

Don't the japinese kill them self's if they bring shame or dishonor to themselves or their family? (or at least used too)

If so then microsoft need to pick up that katana.........

XANDEO3018d ago

They need a trojan horse/aka ROBO, worked for nintendo via the other way, maybe call it the kinectobot?

avengers19783018d ago

Ummm even the psp outsells the 360 in japan, hell the ps2 still outsells it. I think that they should not waste any more money.

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Counter Strike3018d ago

not even the Ps3 but i cant predict future so idk...

thebudgetgamer3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

i have to tip my hat to them, they put up a really good effort. no one can accuse them of not trying.

silvacrest3018d ago

i applaud microsofts determination but you got to know when to move on

i think that time came long ago

Trroy3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

It took me a moment to realize that was the Rising Sun, and not symbology for the RRoD, in the pic.

Seriously, though, it's hard to fathom why the 360 doesn't do better in Japan. It's a good console, with good games. Japanese retail just dislikes it? Was the old version just too loud for tiny Japanese living spaces?

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