Duke Nukem Forever, Inevitable Disappointment

The big question on everyone's mind is of course, will the game be a complete steaming pile of out-dated jokes, average shooter gameplay and a mish-mash of levels, enemies and ideas from 13 years worth of development, or will Gearbox somehow turn whatever Forever is now in to something that actually matters in this modern era of games where shooters have evolved to be more sophisticated.

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NYC_Gamer2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

i dont think this game can live up to the standards of this gen...but will be loved by old school gamers

GWAVE2652d ago

I'm not going to express love nor hate for this game until I actually play it.

But with that said, some gamers need to take off their nostalgia-colored glasses. Duke Nukem was only slightly above-average even in its prime, so I don't understand how this new game will automatically be AAA...

nikkisixx22652d ago

"I'm not going to express love nor hate for this game until I actually play it. "

That sentence just contradicted every comment I have ever seen you leave on N4G. GG

Wobbuffet2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

The only thing that dissapoints me so far is all the hate articles against this game and how it will be crap. Let wobba give you two reasons why you shouldn't worry about this game being good.

1. Gearbox (nuff said)
2. Never underestimate the duke.
3. He just bought a f*ck load of gum.

Nate-Dog2652d ago

This is exactly what I think. It's never gonna live up to it's hype and the length it's been built-up for, but fans and a lot of people will still love it for what it is.

Gago2652d ago

they just want to give the fans something after 10 years of waiting

wicko2652d ago

But so what? I don't think people will be disappointed if they don't have unrealistic expectations. 12 years of development doesn't mean a lot when it's been restarted who knows how many times.

In the end, it will be better than Too Human :p

INehalemEXI2651d ago

All it has to do is make it to store shelves to exceed my expectation.

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T9X692652d ago

I really don't understand all the hate for this game. People hate on it because it never came out, now its coming out and they're still hating. Gearbox makes some amazing games, I'm actually glad they are the developers behind it. After there newest IP Borderlands, Gearbox has proved it can make creative, high quality FPS. I have no doubt in my mind Gearbox will make this an awesome game.

EL1TE2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Maybe because people got bored of so much waiting? I mean, they announced it, didn't came out, announced again, never came out. Everything was just a rumor.

Anyway this is an opinion piece, so no need to take it serious.

Fishy Fingers2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Eh? Thats regarding Crysis 2.

Although thanks for the link I didnt know about that. I'm desperate to see in running in Dx11.

Trroy2652d ago

This game will be good, I have no doubt. Gearbox makes good shooters.

Anyone putting it down didn't try it at PAX, and is just trying to get hits.

IWentBrokeForGaming2652d ago

Im not setting my expectations to be delievered or underdelivered... Im just sooo happy to see it's coming!

and to think this game cannot live up to standards this gen? thanks to Sony and their diehard fans... standards are outlandish and mis-representative of what other devs/consoles NEED to do. This game looks mighty damn fine with the engine it's using. Unreal Engine is what this gen has been built upon and IS INDEED still a next-gen game engine. Not every game needs to look like a PS3 exclusive or PC game... to be worth playing. Im still damn fine with the Unreal Engine!

Graphics aren't worth s#!t if the gameplay don't match the visuals!

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