Xbox 360 250GB plus Kinect bundle priced at $399

Microsoft has chosen the small hours of the night to announce pricing of its second Kinect bundle, which is set for launch along with the standalone and 4GB options on November 4 in the USA and November 10 across Europe. The new package throws in the 250GB slim version of the Xbox 360 to accompany the newfangled motion tracker, a spare conventional controller, and a copy of the utterly unmissable Kinect Adventures! (it has its own punctuation, it must be good). Pricing is a bit on the painful side, with Kotaku reporting a $399 figure for the US and Microsoft confirming to us a £300 sticker for this "special edition" bundle for the UK. Full press release follows after the break.

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nsnsmj2994d ago

I had a feeling Microsoft would release a Kinect bundle for the 250GB. However, I didn't think it would be $399 like the PS3 Move bundle. Anyway, I think they're both good deals in terms of price for what you get. My only skepticism is of Kinect itself.

2994d ago
FCOLitsjustagame2994d ago

This is the bundle I was waiting for. Now if only they threw in the new controller and a good game.... OK any one of the halfway decent games I missed.

hmmm maybe I hold out and see if we get a Gears 3 or Mass Effect 3 bundle...hmmmm..