Stan Bush Reveals He's Working On New Song For Next Transformers Game

Legendary musician Stan Bush has revealed that he's working on new music for Activision's next Transformers game, presumed to be the adaptation of the next live-action film, Transformers 3. This comes after his music had recently been featured in the publisher's Guitar Hero: World Tour and Transformers: War for Cybertron games.

"I am working on a song to submit for the next Transformers game that's coming out next summer," he says.

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StarScream4Ever2990d ago

Man I hope its not the movie adaptation but instead the continuation of the War for Cybertron.

Naughty Dog2990d ago

The next Transformers game will be most likely the movie adaption because it comes out next year, the games has probably started development.

hatchimatchi2990d ago

You got the touch....

You got the POWAAAAHHHHH.....