Returning to the Stone From Which Zelda Was Hewn

A fan article discussing how the Legend of Zelda series could be improved if it brought back elements from the original game.

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Gue13023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I kinda get what the author is saying, but the original Zelda was just too hard. It took me 8 years to beat that damn game without ever using a guide and it wasn't because the bosses were hard but because the secrets were too well hidden and there were few hints.

To find any dungeon after Level 5 you had to do very specic things like burning certain bush with the candle to get into Level 5, use the flute in front of a well to reveal Level 6 and use a bomb in a specic mountain to open a passway into Level 8 and so on.

Current Zelda design choices are for the best even if it includes the annoying navi, but I do agree that newer Zelda games should be more open-ended like the original were you could go beat the dungeons in any order with more focus on exploration... But I feel like what the author wants it's a re-envisioned Zelda game based on Elder Scrolls.

Gr813023d ago

Has voiced similar advice. I think Zelda has drifted pretty far away from its roots on the NES to say, Spirit Tracks.

All I can say, is that let the game do the talking. They should worry less about story and more on being a bad ass with a sword and magic and the like. Fuck unneccessary fetch quests, bring back the Triforce.

I feel we should never feel safe. That was one thing the original and ALttP did so well. You always felt in danger. OoT had a real sense of wonderment within the game world that I've never felt since. You felt responsible for Hyrule's predicament and wanted to make things right. The Spirit Temple remains one of the classics. They need the arcade, fast paced action of the old school Zelda's. Fused with the living breathing world and sense of wonderment from OoT.

We'll see what we get.

LegendZelda3022d ago

For once some high quality comments from people on n4g. You do not get that often :)

But i agree with the author. I would like a zelda game with some more exploration. Right now they are all straight forward and predictable.

stragomccloud3020d ago

Wonder if we'll ever get the triforce again.... Maybe in Ocarina of Time 3D????

Anyway, it's absolutely brilliant how Miyamoto decided to go ahead with Zelda even though people said it was too hard, because he counted on the fact that gamers talked to each other, and with their knowledge pooled together, could conquer the game~!